How Do You Do It?

This is something I've seen readers ask other bloggers and have been asked before by friends in person or online. I don't think any one of us is particularly better at fitting things in than others, but rather it's a matter of priority. 

For example, one person's priority may be to vacuum the house and clean the bathroom weekly and design rooms so they coordinate. My house might be vacuumed once every three weeks, my bathroom cleaned every two weeks and my rooms are pretty much not coordinated/designed whatsoever. Does a picture on the wall count?

Yes, it's my dream to have a coordinated bedroom, an adorable baby room and a zen reading space/yoga corner. But for now, those dreams are not my reality. For now, I prefer to spend my time exercising

But it's also a matter of being in a rut. This sweating thing is what my body loves and my mind craves, but that doesn't mean I don't also love a lazy Sunday morning sleeping in, reading a good book and going to a late breakfast.

After being in said sweaty rut, last Sunday I slept in until the crazy hour of 9 am! I think my body was in serious need of some extra sleep. As strange as it was to not be up with the sunrise, it was also a sigh of relief. Being normal isn't so bad.

In the last month, I've reacquainted myself with the library and actually been READING the books I checked out - shocker, eh? I've learned that I really have to schedule in the reading time, much like my workouts, in order for it to actually happen. Otherwise, we get sucked into another NCIS show or I flitter away an evening reading blogs. 

For now, we have the luxury of exercising at 5 am or 7 pm, eating dinner when we want, or running to the grocery store, a bar, the mall, a friend's house at the drop of the hat. But it won't always be like that. For now, we're making the most of being a young couple with nothing other than a dog to care for. 

As it is now, I see my current priorities as: 1. my relationship 2. exercise and nutrition 3. friends and family 4. future 5. wedding planning 6. house stuff

What things do you find yourself prioritizing over others?


Redhead Running said…
I think it's good to do a priority check once in awhile and life is all about balance!

We've got a lot going on right now over here and oddly enough we added to by giving ourselves a race to train for right in the midst of it... but we did it to balance out the stress of planning a wedding. I don't think anyone but another athlete would understand that reasoning. (Certainly not our family who think we're nuts!) I know not everyone could juggle two big things like that at once but for us it has really helped. Sometimes I NEED my runs to clear my mind of it all. Outside of planning and training our priorities continue to be the same: relationship, family and friends, careers, 'erthing else. :)
I think it's great that you are taking advantage of this time as a young couple to set your own priorities and really own your schedule! I am doing the same thing as right now I get to 100% decide what I do each day (for the most part).

My priorities are work/CFA, exercising, seeing friends/family, and reading. I juggle them around from time to time, and I don't work as long of hours as I could or probably should so that I can make time for exercising and family/friends.
Raquelita said…
I agree with you completely that we will find time for things that we prioritize, and I also agree that once something becomes routine and we don't have to think in order to do it but rather think when we don't do it that something is habitually ingrained.

Right now my priorities are pretty much: my relationship with my spouse, my career, family & friends, running, travel, yoga, reading for pleasure....
Tasha Malcolm said…
I hate prioritizing because it makes me feel old, but I tend to take on too many things and then I get super overwhelmed. I am so "type a" that it is ridiculous!

Right now my current list is:
Working out
Cleaning House
Me Time- Reading, crafts, etc.
Leigh said…
I get asked that a lot too when it comes to exercising. My response is that I don't feel like I HAVE to fit it in because I enjoy it. If I didn't enjoy it, then yes I would HAVE to fit it in. I agree with you...we are enjoying our time with each other and only having to take care of a dog before the craziness of kids come along.
Run Jess Run said…
That's one of my biggest challenges, especially as the school year is getting closer. I find that if I don't give myself at least a to-do list each day, I won't accomplish what needs to be done and I end up wasting time.
Completely agree! My pet peeve is folks that say "oh, I don't have the time to run/swim/read/whatever." If it's important enough, you'll make time for it! :-)
Amber said…
Great post! Exercising has been bumped down a bit for me on the priority schedule this summer and that's OK. I am still fitting it in, just not as much as I used to!
I think you are on the right track; Exercise is more important than having a coordinated house! I also think you are right about scheduling reading and other enjoyable things, because it IS easy to get sucked into the internet, TV etc.

I probably prioritize exercise over most things, time-wise.
Luna said…
Thanks for this post Lauren!You are so right, it is all a matteer of priorities and schedules. I try my best to plan, but my husband is a "live by the moment" person, so sometimes it gets frustrating ;)
J said…
My house is not as clean as it could be but I choose to put running and exercising and cooking and spending time with Brian first. The house is mostly picked up - not too bad but I just don't have the energy to clean every week. And I know that will only get worse when we have kids!

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