Feels Like a Chore

Wowzas - this week flew by!

I'm at that point in this 50K training where I'm just sort of feeling "meh" about it. Many of my runs these days feel like a chore. 

Part of this feeling may be in part that I haven't been heading out to the McKenzie River Trail like I did last summer, but on the other hand, I'm also able to spend more fun time in Eugene with the manfriend. But let me tell you, running the same streets and trails over and over again gets old, fast.

Wednesday night I wanted to get in a long run after work so I went out in hopes of an 8-10 mile loop with hills. Each mile was a struggle, but as you know, before you know it, it's time to turn around. Nine painful miles completed.

Thursday followed up the long run with some SPEED. 2 x 800m @ 5K pace, 3 x 300m @ mile pace (repeat cycle). The legs were hurting, but I never regret putting myself through the pain of a good speed workout. Plus, it helps to suffer with friends.

This weekend I'd like to get a long run of at least 4 hrs, so that will either be another solo tour around Eugene or some trail time...we shall see.

What I want - carbs and a yoga class
What I need - foam roller and a massage
What I'm looking forward to - visiting the manfriend's family at the end of the month!

Olympic Talk:
A) Woohoo - Ashton Eaton (Univ. of Oregon alum) won gold in the decathlon! So impressive.
B) Um, how crazy was that men's 800m? Crazy fast. Cool story about gold medalist David Rudisha and bringing home the first gold for his tribe.
C) Does anyone actually believe that Citi commercial where the athletes say they haven't had dessert in 2 years, haven't watched TV since last summer? Disgrace, I say. Oh and here's a mockery of that commercial.

Moral of the story is: I'm looking forward to getting back to really enjoying my runs. These days I feel like my mind is blank during my runs, which makes them that much harder. 

I'm also ready to incorporate more cross training back into my life. I've still been keeping up with Best Body Bootcamp, but it's definitely a balance to fit in the strength training, core and all my running in each week. 

Your favorite moment or event of this summer so far? Mine is definitely our trip to California for Kyle and Sabrina's wedding and a close second is our mini camping trip.


Amber said…
I totally felt like that at the end of my last marathon training cycle. Sometimes I feel guilty for taking it so easy this summer but then I remember I had an insane spring and I need the break. Right now I'm just getting out 2-3 times a week for 3-6 miles with the pup and that's been working well with me when I mix it in with yoga and crossfit. And of course home reno's! Ha

Have a great weekend!!!
I am sure I will feel that way about running by the time my marathon approaches. I tend to feel that way in the last few weeks of marathon training. It wears a person out!

My favorite event of the summer was Amber's wedding. :) And that whole 1.5 weeks off from work was awesome. And my favorite moment was finding out I passed Level II!
Kristin said…
That parody commercial was great! More realistic, too. I'm training for MRTR also...weekend double long runs are consuming a lot of my life! Four weeks to go (actually next weekend will be my last big mileage weekend before taper). Then Twin Cities Marathon in October!
I know exactly how you feel! I just had a 50k today and man I am glad it's over, just because I want to stop having such a heavy schedule for running. I just want to do it because it's fun and I like it, and if that is 4 miles, or 8 or 19, I want to be able to pick whenever I want! I hope you get your running love back soon!

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