Sweaty, Sticky, Fun

This week has been just that around these parts - sweaty, hot and sticky. And naturally, fun. The temperatures have been around mid 90s most of the week, which is pure torture for Oregonians. Most of us lucky ducks don't have AC so that makes it a bit more brutal. 

Alas, I keep reminding myself this heat is temporary and we'll go back to our normal temps soon. 

After several days of heat, it's hard to keep the house cool or feel comfortable during a workout. To beat the heat, I've been trying to run in the morning so I don't feel terrible for all of my runs. 

Wednesday, I ran in the morning and then decided to do some strength fun in the evening before girls night out. 

The spinning effect in this photo is kinda how I felt after running for 20 min in 90 deg heat Wed afternoon.

I busted out two rounds of the Fitnessista's rainy day workout and then two rounds of the Best Body Bootcamp workout B for a rockin' 35 minutes. Let the sweat dripping begin!

Sweat dripping down my forehead, nose, beck and shoulders. 

Sweating all the way down to my toes...

If you look real close, you can see the sweat coming down my eyelid. Gross, huh? 

It's been a long time since I had such a sweaty workout - it actually felt cleansing. 

I remember loving these kinds of days when I was first losing weight after college. It felt SO good to leave the gym with a soaking wet shirt. It doesn't happen often now, but it felt nice to sweat out the toxins. Reminded me of a good hot yoga class. 

And these morning runs, they're not so bad either...

Peaceful, a moment of cool, sights of an orange sunrise. 

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Happy Friday! Anyone else suffering through a heat wave? If anything, I think the hardest part is trying to come up with meals that don't create extra heat without going out for dinner every night.


Amber said…
I had an INTENSE crossfit workout on Wednesday night after work and the sweat was DRIPPING off of me. I also took photos. hehe

Thanks for the link-up. Have a lovely weekend lady! XO
Anonymous said…
We are still in the triple digits this summer here in TX. Marathon training at 5 am doing double digit runs and it's pushing 90 degrees is brutal! Definitely looking fwd to the cooler weather for sure.
Thanks for the link up! :)

Way to get your work outs in despite the heat and humidity. It is brutal to workout in those temps, but you are right - it does feel cleansing at the same time! We seem to have traded weather - it's in the mid 70s here and not very humid! So I am enjoying it while it lasts!!!
Tasha Malcolm said…
I can't believe how HOT it has been in OR. It was in the 90s at the coast last weekend! Nobody has AC down there, that is a given. UGH.

Yesterday it was 96 in Spokane and I decided to run outside. Not the best idea. I know I should have hit the TM with the fans, but if I decide to run the 5K on Wednesday I figured it would be good to run on the road. I haven't run on the road since May- which is crazy. So in short, I had sweat everywhere and it was pretty gross. Is it fall yet?????
Luna said…
Morning runs are beautiful, seeing the sunrise is priceless.But it's hot no matter how early I go out, lately.We're reaching 100, and that's energy consuming!! ;)
J said…
It was super hot here last week too! I was so sweaty in the mornings - it was warm and humid!

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