Wide Open Spaces

Happy weekend! We've been in the midwest since Wednesday afternoon and are really enjoying ourselves. Vacation is nice. Sometimes, I forget how nice when I haven't gone on vacation for a while.

Wednesday morning was an early one with a 4:30 am wakeup call and a 6:15 flight. I wore my Keens for traveling and they were awesome. Even got a compliment in the Salt Lake airport. 

Wednesday night, we headed out on the town near Pete's brother Jon and his wife Cheryl's place. It's so nice to be able to walk to restaurants, bars and shops - almost too convenient (we walked to lululemon and I bought some new running shorts).

The group (minus me) - Cheryl, Jon and Pete

Dinner was intended to be tacos at northstar, but after 1.5 hr wait, we bagged that idea. Someday, we'll be back.

Drinks and flatbread pizza and then on to more filling pizza at Piece. Full belly. 

Thursday we headed over to the manfriend's sister's and then parents' house. I was more than ready for a little sweatage after 24+ hrs of no exercise. Busted out 4.75 miles before dinner. 

This morning, I headed out for a run before everything got going. Pete's parents live on a lake so there's always a nice view.

I finished 10 miles running past cornfields and wide open spaces. 

Half of the crew went golfing while the others of us just hung around the house and went walking. 

Brotherly love

We got back to the house after meeting everyone for lunch post golf trip. Some people got to yard work and others (myself) took a nap. 

The manfriend wants to own a riding lawn mower someday. This chore was his dream come true. 

So far, our trip to the midwest has been really nice. Highlights have been: seeing Pete's family, festive drinks and exploring Chicago. Getting a taste of the big city makes me REALLY want to move to one. 

Well, time to get ready for dinner. We're heading BACK to the golf course (near Pete's parents' house) for dinner because it's "the place to be." Oh life in a small town.

Any fun plans for your weekend? Tomorrow is our Michigan engagement party - fun stuff!


Liz said…
My long runs back home in New York often look just like the one you went on -- very open roads, views of fields, water, etc. It's nice to be able to detach like that!

Have fun at your engagement party, how exciting!
Leigh said…
Looks like you guys are having so much fun! Glad that you guys are able to spend some time with Pete's family :)
Now I'm totally singing that Dixie Chicks song in my head after reading the post title!

I am glad that you are having a great getaway! Looks like a beautiful area. I love the photo of manfriend on the lawn mower! I grew up with a huge yard so have spent a lot of time on riding lawn mowers. ;)

My weekend is pretty low key. I got up at 4:30 as I have to set up a water stop for run club, then run 4 miles before everyone else starts at 7. Luckily a run club friend is joining me for those 4, so that will help. I am surprisingly not tired, but am sure I will be when I get done with 20 today. Kind of nervous as it's a very very hilly route!

Have a blast at the engagement party!!
Tasha Malcolm said…
You are having a FUN summer! Can't wait to see pictures from your engagement party. :-)
Amber said…
Looks like a great visit so far! Love the area where you did your 10 mile run, looks pretty :) Hope the engagement party is great!!
Lindsey said…
Your run sounds like it was so great! I love running while on vacation.

I have only gotten to mow the yard a couple times. I think it's because Sonny loves his riding lawn mower :)
I hope you had a fun engagement party! I love Chicago and living in the city is great! It gets pretty darn cold though.
So fun! Chicago is one place I haven't spent enough time in yet. Looks like you've had some gorgeous summer days out there! :)
J said…
I love wide open country road runs! So beautiful and peaceful! Sounds like a fun trip! I love running in new places while visiting friends and family!
Karen said…
which shorts do you like @ lululemon? I have tried on several of their styles and none seem to be worth the super high price tag yet :(
Hi Karen, I bought the Bright at Night shorts in black after an employee at lulu recommended them for comfort. THey also have two zip pockets to store keys/gels/etc. I was looking for a basic black short that would go with all my colorful tops and this one fit the bill. http://shop.lululemon.com/products/clothes-accessories/women-shorts/Run-Bright-At-Night-Short?cc=4481&skuId=3456791&catId=women-shorts

The other kinds I have from lulu are the groove shorts (snug and great for yoga class or an easy run) or the turbo run shorts. I would definitely recommend going in and just trying a bunch of different kinds.

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