A whole lot of running around

Today I decided to make the Farmer's Market a priority. I've been missing it many weekends because we're either out of town or cycling until early afternoon and not ready to head out until the market is closing up shop. So this morning, I had planned to drive downtown and park, run, hit up the Farmer's Market for some fresh veg (and samples) and head to the mall.

Unlike Amber, I wasn't planning to do my errands mid run, but I did bring my little backpack to carry produce at the market. I thought about running from my house to downtown, but I just couldn't imagine running back with heavy produce (and possibly berries) jostling around on my back.

It felt good to mesh my to do list together a bit. And here's my fancy new running top again! (You may find it on a Target clearance rack near you).

The weather was iffy this morning in the high 50s with some clouds. I ran to the river path, hopped on a bark loop for a few miles and finished the last several miles along the other side of the river. 8.6 miles completed in 1:11 at an 8:17 pace and it actually felt pretty good! I'm definitely on the mend.

I chugged some of that Trader Joe's pomegranate green tea I brought with me and a chunk of a protein bar. Then I grabbed my backpack and headed to the Farmer's Market. There were tons of things I wanted to buy (flavored goat cheeses, chocolate chewies mini cookies, flower bouquets, baguettes, etc), but I refrained.

There were a ton of beautiful flowers today. I wanted to buy them all.

Especially when a woman passed me carrying one of these Asiatic Lilies.

And of course I had to snag some of this cinnamon raisin challah bread. Such a brilliant combination of goodness. And this people, is why I do not lose those unwanted 5 or so pounds. :)

And here's my loot! For about $20 I picked up cinnamon raisin challah bread, raspberries, spinach, broccoli, cucumber and jumbo sugar snap peas. Fresh, local stuff can be spendy, but worth it, especially when you know your money is going straight to the farmer and its workers who live in your community.

I spent about an hour at the market and got in over a mile of walking. Then I drove to the mall and parked in one of the furthest parking spots. And I decided to run another few miles! 2.74 miles later, I was done and ready to tackle those errands, red faced and all.

I snagged some new mascara and eyeliner from Sephora and some on sale flip flops (to replace the ones I chucked after wearing them for 3 weeks through Europe) at American Eagle. I love when the cashier rings things up and they're half their ticket price!

I got home and did a great 25 min session of yoga to work out the kinks.

So all in all, I got in...
8.6+2.74 = 11. 34 mi in 1:35ish.
Pace - 8:20ish
Knocked out 3 errands on my to do list!

What'd you guys do?


liz said…
Looks amazing! I can't wait to get to my farmer's market!
Amber said…
The Farmers Market in my town is kind of expensive too but I just LOVE the fresh produce from there and can't pass it up! I missed it this weekend and I'm incredibly sad about it.

I LOVE Farmers Market bread! Yum yum yum!
Gracie said…
Is it not the best feeling in the world when an item scans below its ticket price? I die.
Good job at the farmer's market. I missed mine this Saturday. Even worse, I grabbed some avocados at the grocery store for $1.19 each, only to pass a produce truck on the way home selling them for $0.99. Grr!
Your produce looks delish. I haven't made it to the Farmer's Market yet - maybe I will go this upcoming weekend!

I did my 9 mile run on Saturday morning and then went to a friend's 30th birthday party that night.

Glad to hear you are on the mend!
Anonymous said…
Love this! Improvising to you get your errands done without ruining the berries ;)

p.s. I just saw your "training for" section over there - uh, 75 mile bike race?!! Whew...can't wait for that post :)

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