Someone has a birthday...

That's right, manfriend turns 33 today! In honor of his big day, I baked his favorite kind of cake. Yellow cake straight out of a box with chocolate frosting. I chose to do a chocolate buttercream that included cream cheese, butter, cocoa, powdered sugar and a few other things.

Yellow cake w/ choc frosting reminds him of his childhood so I gladly obliged.

Want a lick?

Health chips for the topping!

Three candles because I didn't have enough for any rendering of a 33.

We'll be digging into this puppy tonight. Yum! What's your favorite kind of cake? Mine is either lemon poppyseed with raspberry filling in between the layers OR chocolate w/ a light layer of chocolate frosting.

Check back tomorrow for the 75 mi ride recap! This weekend was another exhausting one. Need.Sleep.


Raquelita said…
Happy birthday to your manfriend!

I'm actually not a big cake person, as I greatly prefer ice cream. My favorite kind is strawberry shortcake, though.
Anonymous said…
Ha, alright, this is a little crazy - that's D's favorite cake too! (and I think our age diff is almost exactly the same...) Must be a cyclist thing ;)
Happy Bday to man friend! The cake looks delish!

My favorite cake is this home made chocolate cake that my mom made for our bday when we were younger, with hommade choc frosting. It's pretty much to die for. We haven't attempted to make it with a gluten free flour yet... I am afraid to try... GF flour is WEIRD.

A close 2nd is carrot cake! Which I think I could do GF since GF bakign seems to do better when the batter has fruit it in, or somethign fruit-like, such as carrots.

Have fun celebrating!
Anonymous said…
carrot cake or funfetti!!
Gracie said…
Just tell him to cross his eyes and it'll LOOK like 33.
Amber said…
YUM! Happy Birthday to the man-friend. He's lucky to have such a fab girlfriend!!

My favourite cake is... ice cream or carrot or cheesecake! Haha. What can I say, I LOVE treats!
siri said…
How'd we both end up with such old geezers? Mine's turning 32 in a couple of weeks! I won't deny kind of liking a yellow Betty's cake mix ONCE in a while. Just you wait to see what kind of cake I have in store for the Norwegians on Sunday (4th of July). It'll be red, white, and blue, but I say no more ;)

Oh- and did you mean to write "Health" chips, sort of in a cheeky way, or was it just a minor type-o? Either way, it was kind of funny.
Siri-I know...old farts. I guess we just appreciate the older men. ;)

I accidentally typed Health and saw it later and just decided not to change it. I'm not quite cheeky enough to think of that. Okay, I am.

Manfriend enjoyed the cake and didn't want to share the rest of the huge thing with his office when I suggested it last night because he wants to "keep it all to ourselves!" Ha.

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