I lied.

I want the clouds back. I know, call me crazy.

First off, yesterday morning I had...Smoothie in a Bowl! Not quite green so I can't call it a Green Monster. What's in it? Ingredients: farmer's market spinach, oats, milk, scoop of plain yogurt, frozen mixed berries, banana, cinnamon and 1 Tbsp pb.

Last night after I rode my bike home, I really wanted to bust out a few miles. It was in the high 70s or so, but felt much hotter. I ran for about 20 min so I would have time to take a quick shower and get ready for girls night! Whew, I got sweaty in no time.

One of manfriend's fabulous glasses. Aren't you tired of dating supermodels?

Ice was necessary in my wata!

Hand over the camera (please)!

Manfriend says "hi."

I hopped back into my work clothes for ladies night and wanted to show you because I much prefer Summer Office Business Casual to business cas. Know what I mean?

I'm just better at putting together outfits with skirts and cropped pants than long pants and sweaters. I think I might even show you guys a 'What I Wore' post every week or two this summer.

Jean jacket: Old Navy, necklace: Jess LC, top: Ann Taylor Loft, shorts: Banana, shoes: Bandolino

This weekend is a busy one. We're dog sitting, I'm riding a wee 75 miles, going to a graduation party, seeing Pink Martini in concert, manfriend is racing a criterium (think 20-30 laps of the same loop...kinda fun actually) and I'll probably do some running. I already feel tired and the weekend has yet to begin.

Lunch with the momsie and auntie today! SPEED workout tonight! Later peeps.


Anonymous said…
manfriend looks SO intense
Ashley said…
You are too cute...I just love the name of your blog!
I'd like a break in the humidity. I can handle the sun, but the humidity we've had lately - no so much. And really, clouds would be great too - as long as they go away on the weekends at my parents' cabin! :)

Your outfit is cute! You look so put together. :)
Anonymous said…
A "wee 75" - gah! Can't wait to hear how you do! :) I have some questions for you about that bici stuff!

Manfriend in his gear - heh, looks familiar!

p.s. please take that heat and keep it! It is miserable here! that 85* this a.m. (at 5:30!! what gives?) felt like 100. No bueno.
Gracie said…
Yes, clouds would be nice. Very nice. So would summer casual, if I could pull that off at work! You look adorable! I love your whites - you wear white very well and that isn't always easy.
I love this Old Navy jacket! Denim jackets are so in right now I can't even tell you.

I love the look of them with a long summer dress in the evening!

liz said…
Love that classic denim+khaki look!
And you're making me feel bad for skipping the gym yesterday...and today...

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