When will I learn?

I'm not really sure. This has been going on for a while. What is it you ask?

Sickness. I'm still sick with that cold I had as of LAST Tuesday. Ugh. The culprit? I'm chalking it up to too much exercise and go-go-going non stop.

This isn't the first time I've been stubborn or not willing to take a break. It happens a lot. I just don't usually get sick from it. Usually all of that combined with stress will do it, but I haven't been unusually stressed lately, so who knows.

Either way, I realize this cold that refuses to leave is a result of me not allowing my body a break. Wednesday I'm taking a day off exercise, but I know that one day doesn't usually fix it.

What do you do to force yourself to slow down?
Here's an example of my Sunday that was jam freakin' packed.

8am - walk dog
9am - easy 5 mi run w/ friends
10am - Trader Joe's
11am - clean bike/chain/etc
12:30pm - Leave for 25 mi bike ride (2 decent hills, one of which is about 6mi long over all but does have some flat sections)
2:30pm - home, eat sandwich for lunch
3-4:30pm - help manfriend make planter box, plant flowers in pots
5pm - Jerry's Home Improvement for veggies and more flowers to plant
5:45pm - grocery store for kabob stuff
6:15-7:30 - kabob preparation and cooking

The only time I really sat down for more than 5 min wasn't until 7:30pm. It was a long day. Perhaps I should get better at taking naps or chill on the couch occasionally. Apparently, people do that??

Anywho, I really need to get this whole sickness out of the way so I can get down to marathon training. Better listen to the bod because in this case, the bod is boss!


I hope you are back to full health soon! Your body needs a little rest but hopefully after a few days off, you'll be good as new!
Anonymous said…
what a jam-packed day! oh my goodness!
Gracie said…
Oh my slow down! But it DOES feel good to get so much done in a weekend, right?
Anonymous said…
Just make sure that today - as your day OFF - is ALL about the rest! Come home, lay on the couch/read/watch TV...ya know, no-moving-required activities ;)

I also take a Multivitamin for a few days straight just to make sure the bases are covered :)
David H. said…
Are you actually planning your day out in that much detail? If so, add in a hour of doing nothing. I'm a regular napper on the weekends no matter what I have going on.
Runner Leana said…
There must be something going around at the moment! It definitely is hard to slow down. It is worth taking a little R&R time over a day or two to nip things in the bud, rather than not take a break and fight being sick for a week or two. That being said, sometimes even taking a break doesn't help and you get sick any way. Regardless, hope you feel better soon!
Amber said…
Every time I get sick I remind myself to SLOW DOWN next time but I don't and get sick again! Ha!

I hope you get better soon lady!!
Raquelita said…
I feel a little dizzy just reading that day's schedule. I really think that you have to rest for a few days. Drink lots of water, take vitamins, and lounge.
Anonymous said…
I think judging by your posts, you defintiely deserve at least a week of! Of course it isn't that easy and there isn't time sometimes for a whole week off but you definitely need to chill! Your body is screaming out to you for a rest, quite clearly! Listen to your body and you'll be back on your feet and back to your normal self in no time at all! xx
amanda said…
i like that you say, "easy 5 mile run." that makes me giggle, because in my eyes, no 5 mile run is easy.

get better!
Michelle said…
Goodness that really is an insane day. You are DEFINITELy ready for some R&R girl!! I don't think I'd ever emerge from a weekend relaxed and happy if I had your schedule. Take care of yourself!! Make sure the rest part of it comes in!!

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