Race Photos and a Stuffy Nose

There's nothing sexier than sniffing all day and night long, sneezing and breathing out of your mouth only, no? I'm trying to take it easy over here...promise. I even skipped Tuesday night's run and only did a mini hike with my mentee and about 35 min of Jillian strength stuff last night. See nothing too taxing!

But this whole cold situation better be gone by tomorrow like yesterday. I want to get my run on STAT! Yeah well, I wrote that last night and seeing as how I'm still sick, I decided to take a sick day. And I tell you, I'm actually resting. Taking the dog for a walk is the most strenuous thing I've done all day. Halleluiah!

In other news, I got some of the best race photos in my inbox yesterday! I usually look hideous (IMO) or totally exhausted, but these are all pretty peppy looking if I do say so myself.

Sorry for the wonky layout below. I need to learn html. Click to enlarge. I kind of love the aerial photo showing the 5,000 or so runners starting the race.

And if you don't read Jess Constable's Makeunder My Life, I highly suggest you pop over there today. Besides designing some beautiful jewelry (which I'll be posting a review of soon), she also has a fabulous blog. Today she's talking about her struggles with weight. Lord knows that if you're a woman, you've probably struggled with weight in some way.

I really respect women who are able to come out about their struggles and show them to others. We only grow stronger when we share and learn from each other. Weight and body issues are something I've struggled with since elementary school and I still find myself not appreciating what I have enough. Hence the need to get some serious sweat on when I'm sick as a dog.

Okay, time for a green monster smoothie and bed! Happy Thursday!


Amber said…
Whoo great photos. I really like the second one. And I LOVE your shirt. It looks fancy for a race shirt :)

Hope you feel better soon. Being sniffly is the WORST!
Run Jess Run said…
Hope you're feeling better and I love the race pics!!
Haha...that shirt is a bargain I found the day before the race at Tar-get! I know you don't have one up where you live, but this shirt was on the clearance rack for $6.49! And I bought another one just like it in bright pink.
I hope you are back to 100% soon! SO annoying when these bugs just won't go away.

You look great in all your race photos. The rest of my photos from my marathon are pretty hideous. YOu can just seem how in pain I am! :P
Gracie said…
Ha, I was going to say something about your race shirt, too! You look so put-together!
Anonymous said…
Look at those muscles!! Must be all those crazy bike rides in combination with the runs ;) these are good pics!
Evan Pilchik said…
Hi -

Thanks for participating in the Helvetia Half. We hope you had a good time.
We noticed our photos on your webpage.

I am sorry we sent you copies of your order with our watermark on them.

If you can send me your order number, I will resend them to you without the watermark so you will be able to use them on your webpage.


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