Dear Hamstring,

I hate you. Well, that's what I was saying Monday night. I've now moved on to "Dear Hip, I hate you." 

It all started with last Wednesday's less than brilliant idea to run with the 5 am crew. See, Pete was up EARLY to catch a flight to Denver for work so naturally, I was too.

I'm not one to go back to sleep so I decided to meet the 5 am madness crew for a once in a blue moon crack of dawn run. When I've gone to this run before, there has always been a decent size group and at least a few people willing to hang back in the 8:30s pace.

That should tell you something about this group. You're a serious runner if you get up in the 4 o'clock hour to get your run on.

Alas, against my better judgement, I hung in with last week's group, who are all speedier than I for the entire 9.3 miles. Gah, it sucked. Well, at first it didn't suck, but by mile 6, my legs were begging for mercy. 

For most of them, that was an easy conversational pace. But in my world, 7:40-8 min pace is not easy. I should have turned around early, but the whole 5 am pitch black thing had me a wimping out and hanging on for the ride.

Anyway, fast forward to now and my whole left hip and hamstring is seriously unhappy. Lucky for me, I recently bought a 1 month unlimited pass to a local yoga studio ($39 for new students) so I have a place to take my sorry self. I've also been considering getting a massage soon.

Yeah, I know I shouldn't stand in bare feet on a bathroom floor. Sorry 'bout that. 

Since that fateful run, I've managed to drag my leg around two pathetic, painful runs. Luckily, these runs have ended less painful than they started so I know it will get better, but still... injuries suck.

Luckily, I've dealt with this hamstring/hip weakness before and thankfully I'm not training for a marathon just yet (although we DID get registered for Chicago Marathon in October!). No pressure to train hard. Just want to get the body healed and back to running for my sanity and health.

And to think last week after my 9 mile runner's high I was going to tell you how I need to run with faster people more often. Um, yeah... Going to put that thought on hold for a while. ;)


Bummer. It sucks to not be at 100%. I get so stir crazy and want to run MORE when I have a problem like that, so it's like a catch 22! I am glad that you have yoga to tide you over in the meantime!
Redhead Running said…
Boo!!! What is with the random injuries floating around right now!?! Get a massage if you can, it will def help loosen things up!
Leigh said…
That sure is early in the morning! I don't think my brain or legs would function at that time! Hope your hip and hamstring feel better soon!
J said…
That totally sucks - hopefully the yoga will help! Maybe some ART will help?
Amber said…
That IS EARLY! I meet my friend for an early morning run once a week and leave my house at 5:40 am and that feels super early for me. Can't imagine starting the run at 5! Hope you feel better soon! Yoga, a massage and lots of rest should help!
Tasha Malcolm said…
I hope that nothing is serious! Hopefully taking it easy and getting a massage will help. It is never a good feeling to not feel 100%

Congrats on getting into Chicago!!!!!
Oh bummer. Injuries are SO annoying. I hope you are back to 100% soon! I don't have any injuries right now but my feet have been feeling kind of achy lately. I hope that goes away when I start training.

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