Truffle Shufflin'

Saturday morning, I was up and long running before sunrise with a group of girls. The entire 11 miles felt harder than our pace (8:40s) both in my legs and lungs, but I got 'er done. 

After our respective runs, the manfriend and I had a date at the Original House of Pancakes as it's rare we go out to breakfast. 

Already looking forward to my next stack of their buckwheat pancakes

Our goal was to knock out a few wedding to do's this weekend, so we headed to the mall to do a little registry research. We ended up setting up a registry in store (Macy's) and then adding a few things when we got home. 

It's so handy you can do it all online, although going to the store is very helpful too (i.e. to find the soft, fluffy towels). 

That long run really wore me out. After errands, I downed more food as well as some zinc and Vitamin C and spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch. 

Saturday night dinner  was a "bomb diggity" salad 

Romaine topped w/ sweet potato, turkey pepperoni, avocado and olives

Sunday was another run{day}. I am starting to get the itch to ride my bike outside so hurry up, sun!

I met the run group for an easy 5 miler, then studied for a bit before heading to the 32nd Annual Truffle Shuffle at Alton Baker Park.

The Truffle Shuffle is a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lane County that offers a kids 700m run, 2 mile run, 2 mile walk and a 4 mile run.

I had signed my BBBS mentee and I up for the 2 miler, but she had a major fever and wasn't able to make it. So, I opted to run the race anyway.

Construction cone orange is sure to ward off any hunters along the path ;) 

I had downed a veggie/egg wrap about an hour before the race and that came back to haunt me during those 2 miles. I did what I could to run fast, but keep my food down. Finish time was 14:02, with my first mile at 7:17 and the second at 6:45.

Unfortunately, my stomach was off the rest of the day.

A 30 min yoga session and ginger lemon tea did just the trick. 

How was your weekend? Any favorite Grammy moments?  This year's seemed particularly good, but then again I don't remember last year's...


Unknown said…
I haven't done that race for a few years and never have done the 2 miler. I forgot they have a 2 miler! Hard to run well with fresh breakfast in the tummy. Great second mile!

Too bad your mentee was sick :( and couldn't run.

That salad looks fantastic! I hope you are feeling much better.
Nice work on those 2 miles - that is super speedy! I did not know you were a Big! That is something I'd like to do but I am starting to wonder if I am past the 'ideal' age for that now that I am into my 30s...

I did not watch any of the Grammy's. My cable box was not working last night! I was bummed as I was hoping to catch some of the performances, but I opted to read instead and then did a video chat with some girlfriends, so it was a fun night!
J said…
Nice 2 miler! Love the orange shirt! Hope your stomach is back to normal.
Tasha Malcolm said…
My weekend was pretty laid back, but I really needed it. It seems like every week has gotten gradually worse for me. I am hoping that this week is a turn around week. I don't think I can take another rough one.

I didn't watch the Grammys, I read my book. :-)
Redhead Running said…
Three runs in one weekend? Dang girl you were a serious overachiever!
It's also very handy that you can REMOVE things from your registry at home. Like, in the case when you have to take a phone call in store and your fiance decides to add 20 cookbooks that you know you'll never use; you simply go home and hit REMOVE; I promise he'll never know otherwise. =D
Amber said…
I did not know you were a Big Sister! Very cool! SOunds like a productive weekend indeed!

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