Pizza Pockets in Tracktown

Pizza pockets {a la Mama Pea} were just the fun Super Bowl dish I wanted to prepare. I was studying for half the game, in awe of Beyonce's performance and then got to work on the eats. 

From chopped ingredients...

To mini pizzas...

To pizza rolls covered in parmesan...

To baked pizza pockets!

And birthday vino I got from friend Sarah.

Side note: I always struggle with whether to use a flash on evening photos or not. First three photos are all flash and the last two are not.

The pizza pockets were good, but I think I still prefer plain ole homemade pizza. The manfriend prefers the pockets.

While I was sort of rooting for the 49ers, I'm not terribly upset. We had former Oregon Ducks players on both teams.

Check out the fog from my Saturday morning long run. It was thick, but definitely wintery feeling.

I ran with two other girls from run group and we saw a ton of other runners out (in the 8 am hour!) thanks to a few Eugene Marathon training groups. It's cool to see your small(ish) town become a marathon city. 

And Sunday I celebrated with few hundred? others the 50th anniversary of Bill Bowerman's first jogging class. Those moments are when you're reminded you really do live in #Tracktown USA.

Oh, and I had to take a photo for you of the birthday card I gave my mom on Saturday. I bought it not only because of the cute vespas and sunglasses, but the verbiage too. I love picking out cards and often think how cool it would be to have the job of "Greeting card copywriter." 

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I'm ready for a busy week of studying for two tests (skin and bone identification), friends and work.


Amber said…
Haha that card is SO CUTE! Love it!
Amber said…
Gah, pressed submit before I was done! I was going to also say that I love witty cards like that. I recently got one for Eric that said "There is a term for how much I think about you" and on the inside it said "restraining order". hehehehe. I personally found it hilarious!
I love that card! Too cute! And I love the card Amber references above! Ha!

Those pizza pockets look yummy! We went to Phil's friends' house and had burritos (a naked one for me) which were yummy! I was cheering for SF as I had a bet against Phil. I lost, but the prize is 5 macaroons so hopefully he will share. :)
Tasha Malcolm said…
That card is awesome! Where did you get it?

Your pizza pockets look really yummy. I might need to try and make something similar for dinner this week.
Those pizza pockets sound amazing! But then again, I pretty much love anything that involves pizza! ;)

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