Dress and Heels

When my schedule gets extra busy (test weeks, social events, fitting in hard workouts), it's rare that I have much energy to think (or care for that matter) about my outfits. Several days I leave the house feeling "meh" rather than "pretty good" about my look. 

But Wednesday, I was inspired by a recent dress purchase to step up my game. I threw on the dress over a black Gap long sleeve (for warmth) and then added tights and a cardigan. 

The final step up my game move was opting for the heels over black flats. 

Sweater: Tar-get, dress: Forever 21, necklace: LOFT, long sleeve: Gap, tights: ?, heels: Tahari

You know those women who go to Old Navy and Forever 21 and always come out with these awesome pieces and create super cute (not to mention affordable) outfits? Well, I envy them and want to be one of them.

Anyway, I'm convinced Eugene doesn't get the cream of the crop in the way of clothing and shoe selection, but I still keep my fingers crossed when I occasionally pop into a store for girls 10 yrs my junior (F21). A few weeks ago, I bought this dress for $23 and hoped I could find a way to wear it.

Moral of the story is: don't get blinded by the bright lights and bumpin' music. Be brave and try something new even if it scares you {or requires wearing 3" heels}.

Have a fabulous Friday! And if you have a recent fashion post, please link it up in the comments! I'm excited to have my workout out of the way already. Blasted out 3 miles around the neighborhood and then 30 min strength work for week 2 of the Winter Shape Up.

Something to eat: You guys should try Ashley's recipe for orange ginger veggie noodle bowl. Lindsey and I had dinner last night and made this recipe. Lindsey added steamed/pan cooked tempeh and didn't roast the oranges. The sauce was super good and you could use any veg you like.


J said…
I can NEVER find anything good at Old Navy and Forever 21! I am just too impatient to search through everything! Love the dress so cute!
I am always SO jealous of those girls! Yeah, just this morning I was in my closet thinking what can I put together that I alreayd have to be different? It's hard but occasionally works. I totally do the Forever21/OldNavy thing!
Tasha Malcolm said…
Your outfit is super cute. I love it!!!!!!
Unknown said…
I would love to have an afternoon of picking through racks for cute stuff like that! When I worked in a mall...a long long time ago, I had to walk past a certain store and once a week picked up some cheap cute item. Now all I wear is running gear! LOL. Maybe you have motivated me with this. :)
You look wonderful in that outfit! I love dresses + tights + heels. It's been too cold here to wear things like that and I really miss those kind of looks as I always feel so pulled together.

I can never find things in F21, but my 2 best college friends find the cutest thing. I struggle with stores that have SO MUCH stuff. I get overwhelmed and give up!!
Heather said…
Very cute!! It's pretty rare I put much thought into an outfit, too - we can get away with luluelmon/run clothes at work, so I feel a little spoiled. ;) Love this kind of dress-up + tights look, too, though.
Cute outfit! It is fun to get "dressed up" a bit once in a while. I generally just wear black pants and whatever color top I yank off the nearest hanger. B-oring!
Cute dress! It looks so good on you!
Luna said…
Beutiful outfit, beautiful you!

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