Fly By Friday

Happy Friday! It's been quite a week. They seem to fly by with school, work, running and wedding stuff.

This week was a little less stress free because I wrote a meal plan for the week on Sunday night. Each night we knew what we were eating and all of the dishes were simple to put together.

Monday - tortilla veggie and goat cheese pizzas
Tuesday - tempeh veg stir fry
Wednesday - spaghetti and salad
Thursday - grilled tuna & cheese melts
Friday - breakfast for dinner
Saturday - likely out
Sunday - Super Bowl snacks?

I also got back to Lifeforce Fitness on Wednesday night, which was fun. Highlights were 4 min of straight low squatting and 2 min full sit ups.

Last night's track workout was a fun strength builder. Tip: don't drink a beer and eat chips with your coworkers at 4 pm when you have to do speed work at 6. It could have been worse (I didn't yack or anything), but I wasn't feeling 100% as I blasted around the track.

The workout:10 min warm up, 10 min @ tempo pace, 10 x 300m @ mile pace w/ 100m jog in between, 10 min cool down.

I did the Winter Shape Up strength circuit Monday and Friday mornings and dang, I forget how good jumping lunges are (hello, sore rear)! But the hardest exercise by far is the plank w/ knee tuck - while balancing on L arm/R leg, tuck opposite knee and elbow in to touch x 10 (check out her photo in her workout). The balance factor makes it super tough.

Fashion Friday: It's been a while

During my run on Tuesday, I was reminded of one of the best bang for your buck running pieces: the vest!

 I love that my cycling vest also doubles well for running. 

Now, hands down, I believe that gloves and ear warmers are the ultimate running accessories as far as bang for your buck in keeping you warm. But the vest, it's pretty high up there.

The running vest keeps you warm without causing you to overheat. It gives you that extra layer of protection against the wind (or days you just feel too wimpy to head out in a long sleeve alone). And if it starts to rain, you won't be totally drenched. This vest from Novara has a mesh back panel and a nice big zipper pocket where I can stash gloves or fuel if I need to.

How has your week been? Is anyone making a fun recipe for Super Bowl Sunday? Mama Pea posted some fun recipes. I especially like the sound of pizza pockets or strawberry avocado salsa.

Something fun: Check out Katy Widrick's 28 Day Blog Challenge to update your blog layout, social media photos, update your bio, etc. There are so many things I would love to do to this here space. Someday... 

For me, a lot of these updates (self hosting, switching to wordpress format, new header) feel overwhelming because I'm not tech or graphic design savvy, but would love to be. I am going to try to find some of the smaller items I can achieve during the month of February.


I am not sure what I will make for Superbowl... I am not even sure what our plans are yet as it was up in the air last time I asked Phil.

I had a good, but sort of intense week as my trip to Texas was so jam-packed with meetings, my head was spinning by the end of the trip. It's fridig cold here (currently -6) so I am thinking it will be a low key, mostly indoors kind of weekend...
Paul Rodman said…
Hi Sassy,

Whoa, running some tempo after beer and chips..not sure I could handle *that*

Re: vests, I have stopped using them. The reason is that eventually I get warm enough that I don't need it. (Even if it's almost freezing, after a couple of miles I'm sweating)

With a light jacket you can roll up the body and tie the sleeves around your waste..very out of the way. I have a greenlayer jacket that is ultra light and perfect for this.

With a are stuck...there's no way to take it off and carry it.

Just my two cents..I throw off a lot of heat when I run I guess.

Luna said…
You look so pretty in that pic, blue fits you nicely!! I love my vest; I started using it this year, and it has made a great difference; I can wear light shirts underneath, but I still have coverage on the chest so I don't get cold and finally sick - belly issues or cough, I can keep the at bay now :)

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