Girls Weekend in Hood River

Hello from Hood River, OR, the windsurfing capital! We're here for our annual girl's weekend. 

We got into Hood River (just an hour east of Portland) on Friday night and headed to 6th Street Bistro for dinner. I chose the mushroom swiss burger as I was a starvin' Marvin.

This weekend Zwickelmania was happening around Oregon so we opted to take advantage of the brewery tours and free tastings straight from the barrels at both Double Mountain and Full Sail Breweries.

Also got free pint glasses at both breweries!

Fun fact: Full Sail Brewery is employee owned and operated and was started by a woman back in 1987.

The weather has been gorgeous, making for two beautiful runs along the river.

Views inside our rental house haven't been so bad either. The kitchen and bathrooms are what house dreams are made of with an open floor plan and heated bathroom floors and towel racks.

Our house (and nearly every house in Hood River) has great views of the river and mountains in both directions.

Back in Eugene, it's time for a little studying and catch up on chores before heading back to work tomorrow. I'm feeling a serious need to declutter and just trash things I've been saving for too long. I may even get out on my bike as the sun just peeked out. Hope you had a great weekend!


Your annual girls weekend looks like SO much fun!! I love that you have kept up this tradition over the years, and I wish my group of friends had set up a similar tradition.... The house you stayed at looks gorgeous and I am glad the weather was so agreeable!

I hope the studying is going ok! I am in purge mode as well. I guess that is one good thing about moving!
Tasha Malcolm said…
What a fun girl's weekend! I always drive through Hood River and have wanted to stop at Full Sail, but never have. It is kind of cool to know that it was started by a woman.
Gorgeous! It's so nice that you all really commit to that weekend together!

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