Naked Face Project

A quick hello and happy Wednesday to you!

I wanted to post about my recent experiment with The Naked Face Project. Last spring, I heard about the project through Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point (also the woman behind Operation Beautiful). 

For the last few years, I've worn makeup almost daily to work for a few reasons: 1) I like the way I feel when I'm wearing it. 2) Makeup is fun. 3) It can help me look more awake and put together. 

However, last week I decided my face needed a little break from makeup so I went to work with only a little SPF moisturizer on. 

And you know what? It wasn't so bad!

Sure, some days I had darker under eyes than others, but my skin also felt lighter and fresher overall. This week, I've gone mostly "naked face" simply brushing on a little bronzer and mascara.

I can't say that it's made me feel that I'll never wear makeup again, but it has proved that I don't need to wear it. Plus, it saves a good 5 min!

Do you go "naked face" to work? Are there other beauty regimes you've ditched because you decided you just don't need to do them? 

YOGA! Lately, I've been taking advantage of my yoga mat at home. It's nice to realize you don't have to go to a class. Yes, I typically prefer attending a class, but it's the perfect solution when you don't have a lot of time or $$. And not a lot of studios offer a 30 min session at 10 pm! ;)


abbi said…
I think this is a great project. I actually never wear makeup. I did for my wedding and even that was very light but my husband didn't like it, and said I could go back to normal, haha!
Leigh said…
The only time that I've gone "naked face" to work was when I scratched one of my eyes, so I couldn't wear mascara for a couple of days. Without mascara, I feel that I look super young and not put together.Good for you though!
I go naked face all the time. :) I barely own any makeup, and pretty much only wear it if I have a big event to go to, like a wedding or something.

My face feels too heavy when I wear makeup, and I find that it makes my skin break out more. It's all just what you're used to.
J said…
I followed along with HTP Naked Face project - it was very interesting. I try to limit my make up wear and I often forget to put mascara on but usually go with a little bit of concealer to even out my skin tone since I tend to get really red especially after exercise. Not sure I could go without it but it might be worth a try sometime.
Unknown said…
The only reason I wouldn't ever go full on no make-up is because without mascara and brow liner I literally look like Powder with no eyebrows or eyelashes because both are so blonde they are basically translucent! Ha!
You look beautiful without make up! I would struggle with not wearing make up to work because I have horrible under eye circles and because I had acne in my late 20s, I have some scarring that I try to mask with foundation...
Gorgeous! I wouldn't have been able to tell a difference (hope you take that as a compliment :) ).

At-home yoga is something I tend to totally forget about - I'm so used to being in studios, but a 30 min session at 10pm is not a bad idea at all...
kdubs said…
You look stunning! Love it!
Raquelita said…
You look lovely! I have been wearing make up more regularly recently because I feel like I'm so much paler than I've ever been. Thank you, Alaskan winter! But I usually don't wear it in the summer.
Tasha Malcolm said…
You look gorgeous without makeup! I don't think I could pull off no makeup in my current job. It might not fly. I do usually wear hardly anything on the weekends. I only put something on if we are going out.
Unknown said…
Well, you look GREAT without it :) My job is taking care of the kiddos, so I only put it for going out. I think it makes me look a whole lot better though! I don't usually wear it running, but you can be sure I wear it on race day. haha I want any race pics to look respectable.
You look very natural without makeup! In a great way. I barely wear make up and even when I do, usually it's just a touch of mascara. I prefer to use it to dress up once in a while rather than feeling weird without it!
I have to say, this post made me laugh in the "oh yeah, I remember what wearing make-up on a regular basis used to be like." ha. Only 4 or 5 years ago, I wore make-up regularly to work - not too much, but definitely foundation, powder, eyeliner, mascara and blush. Then, a baby and working at home happened. These days, I'm lucky if I get a shower before I walk out the door. Truth. Another truth: I already wake up at 5am, so there's no way I'll "just wake up a few minutes earlier" ... nope, not gonna happen! =)
Trisha said…
Love this! I'm not much of a makeup person, but admittedly have a hard time going to work without at least a little bit of makeup, particularly in the winter time. I work in a restaurant, which means hundreds of eyes are on me daily, which also means I try my best to look presentable. I tend to look more tired without makeup so I usually wear at least a little, even on my office days.

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