Wedding: It's a Process

I know I haven't been too talkative about wedding planning on the blog, but truthfully, there's just not a lot of that going on. I will say, it's nice to have a few weeks off from school to just be able to focus on work, enjoy the holiday festivities and spend some more time thinking about our wedding. 

I'm crossing my fingers that I wake up totally healthy tomorrow because I have a full day of fun ahead.

My mom and I are exchanging spa pedicures Saturday morning! Of all the things I need/want, at the top of my list this year is literally having time to spend with others - a clear sign of growing up. After a little pampering, we'll be jumping into wedding mode for...

Wedding dress shopping!

This will be my first time trying on dresses and honestly, I have no idea of what I want so I'm just going with an open mind.

We're going to a few places near Eugene and if I don't have any luck, will likely head to Portland in January for more wedding dress fun. Not gonna lie, I'm kind of excited to start seeing all my visions turn into reality, but the big decisions are extremely tough to make. But like the man, I hope the dress clearly stands out as "The One."

During this whole process, I'm trying to occasionally remind myself that this only happens once. Yeah, it's a lot of stress, but I get to plan this celebration for 100 of our closest family and friends. No big deal.

Decisions I'll likely be making in the next few weeks:
  • choosing our caterer
  • photographer
  • scheduling engagement photos
  • setting up wedding website
  • hotel room block

Decisions I'm leaving up to the manfriend:
  • Choosing a DJ (or asking one of our family members/friends)
  • Picking out his suit/tux

In a cold induced fog, I maintained my appointment for a haircut and highlights yesterday evening. Not the most relaxing 90 min of my life, but my hair is fresh and a bit... lighter.

This was only my second time ever highlighting my hair. The first time was right before Kyle and Sabrina's wedding, but it was so subtle that no one noticed. This time, I'm a bit blonder and still not sure  if I like it. BUT, it' just hair. 

This smile must be the head cold talking. 

In other news, snuggly clothes are pretty much the best thing about being sick.

Oh and I've completely given into this cold. No exercise other than a 15 min dog walk each day and Thursday morning was spent watching Love Actually. Again, body, I GET IT. I should slow down a bit more often.

Any suggestions on other great wedding planning tasks for the groom-to-be? Your favorite details of weddings you've attended or your own?


missris said…
I have done absolutely zero wedding planning, so you're a lot farther along that I am! Over the break I'll have time to do a bit but for now, meh. In other news, I love the highlights/lighter hair!
Jimbo said…
Some video ala 'Say Yes To The Dress' style would be appreciated with the next blog post about your dress shopping excursion. :)
J said…
HAVE FUN!!! Wedding dress shopping can be exhausting but it is such a great experience! Just see which ones you like and enjoy it! I was so tired after each trip to the store but it was so much fun with my mom! I gave Brian the job of his groomsmen gifts, rings (with some input from me on my ring), and honeymoon as well as I let him pick out the menu for our dinner! We also discussed flowers, but I ended up making the decision because Brian didn't care - He just ok'd his flowers and that was it!
Amber said…
Picking out the music together was one of the funnest nights for us! We had a survey to fill out for our DJ and then had to list the "must play" songs and it was a super fun night!

It will all come together beautifully! Have fun dress shopping!

Oh and your hair looks great :)
Your hair looks beautiful - as do you, as usual! I can't wait to hear how the dress shopping process went. I hope you were feeling well enough to enjoy it!
We made pretty much every decision ourselves. DH and the guys picked out the suits (they bought suits not rented tuxes.)

I ended up buying the second dress I tried on. I think I tried on maybe 10 total. Be sure to try on at least one that makes you laugh. Mine was a huge heavy dress w a crazy poofy full skirt.
Yeah, I can't proofread. Not ourselves - together.
Luna said…
love your hair!but I am a fan of natural color, expecially with your fair complexion,I am "naturally blonde" and would love to have your warmer color.In fact, I dye my hair darker (everyone thinks I am nuts!but it's what I feel like!)
Feel better soon. I am taking it easy this week too, due to a leg issue. Sometimes a break is good, for the mind too :)
As for wedding planning, I didn't do any :) We decided and got married in one month!Not the best maybe, as I think anticipation and planning is all a part of it, like Christmas Eve to Christams(lol) but it all depends on what you want/feel/have to do.In the end,what counts most is what comes next ;)
Elizabeth said…
Hair is adorable! Hope you're feeling better soon and that today's shopping goes well!
Tasha Malcolm said…
I love your hair- it looks super cute! I think that for wedding planning you have given the manfriend some good tasks that he will probably enjoy. I ended up making all of the decisions because Mr. Healthy Diva quickly got tired/bored with wedding planning stuff. He had some input, but not much. 90% of his input was on the music selection, cake & the food.

Some good advice for the photographer is to make a list of photos you want day of wedding and make sure the photographer and someone in the wedding party has them so that you don't miss out on the photos you want. Also get a group photo of everyone at your wedding.
Personally, I love the hair!! You look adorable :)

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