Tis the Season

Happy Wednesday, y'all. I don't have much for you. I woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat and cold and stayed home from work.

Sickness is completely torturous for me. I do not remain seated or lying horizontally for long. 

So I was productive and did our grocery shopping, went to Target (not recommended without a list) and made some nuts. Don't worry, I also napped, drank tea, read Runner's World and such. 

Tuesday's green smoothie was a first for me - I added orange juice to my typical ice, spinach, frozen banana and almond milk recipe. I figured if Ali likes it, it was worth trying out, especially with the extra Vitamin C kick. 

Verdict? Not bad! Kind of tropical (ish). 

And then there were nuts. I have wanted to try Oh She Glows' "Hockey Nuts" recipe for a while and I figured if it turned out, this could be a fun thing to bring to a party or gift to someone in a cute jar or bag. 

If you make these, just be careful to not overbake. I used pecans and as they are a pretty soft nut (TWSS), they burn easily, so I had to toss a few.

Combatting the cold  - In typical fashion, I also searched Yoga Journal for poses that help a cold, downed Wellness Pills, ate two oranges, drank a ton of water, added red pepper flakes to my chicken noodle soup, you name it. Ultimately, I know rest will be the real cure.

Tis the season to get shopping, creating, spending time with loved ones! I am at a loss for ideas as to what to get family members. It really is difficult to think of inexpensive, useful, fun gifts for anyone. The men folk in my family seem to be hardest as they always buy what they need or want.

Anywho, how's your holiday shopping/planning coming?


Amber said…
I was just saying to my coworker this morning that I do NOT feel in the holiday spirit at all because I've been SO BUSY at work and haven't had a chance to really do anything holiday-y like christmas shopping etc.

Rest up! You would not have liked my weekend, I literally spent three days lying around. It's been hard to bounce back from but I know it was what my body needed!
Tasha Malcolm said…
I went to Target last night too and without a list. I ended up with a basket of items I didn't need. I did stock up on the limited edition holiday coffee. The gingerbread toffee is actually really good!
Yum, those nuts look delish (and I love the TWSS reference. Ha.) I am actually a little bit ahead of schedule in terms of shopping this year as i started a bit earlier. I had most of Phil's gift bought in December and bought books for my nephews on Cyber Monday so that knocked out quite a few gifts right there! I even have everything I've purchased wrapped. I just have 2 more gifts to get and will be done, which is good since Christmas is FAST approaching!
For whatever reason, I just never think to make roasted nuts at home. We had some roasted almonds at a wine tasting last night and it was a great reminder of how easy that snack can be!

Hope you're feeling better - green smoothies, antioxidants and rest to the rescue!

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