Christmas on the Brain

Did anyone else experience that complete Christmas hangover going on today? Going to work was a real struggle. The brain just wanted to be on vacation. Next year, I'm taking the day after Christmas off for sure. 

Our Christmas was fun, but as usual went by too fast. I miss the days of having two weeks off at Christmas to laze around and hang out with friends. The highlights were hanging out with family, eating too much good food and laughing a lot. Here are a few of my favorite photos. 

Are we there yet?

Christmas Eve service and the living manger

A Christmas table set for brunch

Cousins Aram and Grace, mom, grams, dad and little Mikaela

Life of the party right here

Oh She Glows Hockey Nuts for gifting

Hello, ipad mini

Love plaid

Christmas day was a total rest day for me other than a few sun salutations in the morning. We also went out as a family during a period of sunshine for a walk with the dogs. Perfect way to get some fresh air and regroup for presents and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!

I hope Santa was good to you! We got a new vacuum (which was desperately needed) and a lot of other fun and useful items. Pete and I didn't exchange gifts again this year as we have other things to save for and don't really need more "things." Instead, we'll go out for a nice dinner and drinks as our present to each other in the next week or two. I have to say, I'm 100% happy about this decision. 

Now, rest up... New Year's Eve is right around the corner! 

How was your Christmas? Get anything funny? Mom bought me a glove with an ice scraper in the middle of it. Hope it snows again soon so I can use it! ;)


I am glad you had a great holiday! Mine went way too fast, too! I took yesterday off so I could go visit an aunt in the morning and then I studied in the afternoon (bleh) and did the whole 'nearly falling asleep while reading' act. Oops. I perked up with some hummus and crackers, though.

My Christmas was really great. It was so relaxing to be at the lake (minus the boys running around like chicken with their heads cut off over the excitement of gift opening, which is to be expected). It just went too fast and I was wishing I had this whole week off, but it seems like a waste of vacation time as I'd spend it stuck indoors since it's so cold right now (and I'd be studying - boo).
Tasha Malcolm said…
I had the worst Christmas hangover yesterday. Going to work was AWFUL!!!!! :/

It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas though. Loved the matching plaid. You two are a good looking couple.

My Christmas was good, but really hectic. I think that is why my hangover was so bad yesterday. I am still tired today. At least tomorrow is Friday and I have ZERO plans for the weekend, but sleeping.

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