Stars of the Pizza Show

1. Jenna's Best Pizza Dough which was surprisingly easy to make. This was my first EVER attempt at dough from scratch and it worked out deliciously!

2. Rosemary - one of my favorite herbs

3. Fresh, basic ingredients

Pizza #1 - The Margherita - mozarella, basil, garlic + a few mushroom slices

Pizza #2 (added: red pepper, onion, red pepper flakes)

Of the two, we both preferred #2 with it's additional ingredients.

The crust on these pizzas was just the way I like it: thin, crunchy and flavorful (especially with my rosemary add in). The recipe makes two pizzas, which left enough for leftovers tomorrow night. For the longest time, I sung the praises of Trader Joe's $1.99 pizza dough above all other, but this dough rivals it and you're likely to have the ingredients in your cupboard! That being said, TJ's is still the way to go if you don't have an hour to wait for dough to rise.

Honestly, I was a bit afraid to try my hand at making my own pizza dough for a long time. But after this success, I'm happy I finally tackled it. And the mixer made the whole thing a bit easier, requiring no kneading. Have you made your own pizza dough? Pass on the links if you have a good recipe!

On the training front: Michelle and I managed to finish 13.2 miles of mighty painful (hilly) running. After Thursday's tough speed workout and 20 miles or so of biking yesterday, my legs were toast at mile 1. But the important part is, we did it. Okay, time to catch some zzz's...


Deidre said…
That pizza looks amazing.

And I'd love the recipe for the black bean burgers...those sound soooo delicious.
My fav recipe doesn't require rising so I love it. You only have to hard-knead it for a few minutes, too.
Well done on the 13.2 mile run - in the rain. And hilly? Wow. I bow down to you! :)

It's 16 here right now. I was hoping it would be in the 20s for my 9 miler. I am going to hold off and go an hour later in the hopes that it warms up a bit. I am SO sick of winter!

I have never made pizza dough... I have a gf mix in my cupboard but I have yet to attempt to make it!!
Heather @ Dietitian on the Run said…
High five for the pizza dough success!! When I made in TX with Emily, it was SO delicious. When I made it at home, in high altitude, it didn't work as well...and I've been trumped by it since (i.e. haven't tried again). I need to give it another go...
Laura said…
I can't get yeast at my grocery store, so I haven't tried making my own pizza dough yet, but this sounds good.
J said…
Making pizza dough with the mixer makes it way easier! I had never done it with a mixer until a friend showed me and it was awesome!
Page said…
Seriously looks so delicious. Too easy NOT to not.

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