Thanks, Oprah!

Not gone, but different. I can't imagine how many young women like myself grew up watching Oprah from middle to high school,through college and beyond.

Truth is, whether or not you can get behind the whole Oprah thing, she has inspired and touched the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions. I received this little video about her new network and what it aims to do. It truly speaks to everyone and creating your best life.

There is something truly amazing about being able to dream nearly impossible dreams and yet have the capability to realize them. We're all looking to be/do something great (I hope), so what's your dream list? I'll go first...

In no particular order, I dream of living a truly fulfilled life that consists of one or many of the following things (after all, if you can't dream big, where's the fun in life?):

1) working for the Olympics/XGames/major event as a publicity/marketing/social media/event planner
2) traveling to India, Africa, Ireland, going back to Italy
3) freelancing for running/fitness/lifestyle magazines
4) creating a beautiful/comfortable/creative home
5) raising a few amazing children
6) taking a bike adventure with the man through the small backroads of Italy and France
7) becoming fluent in Spanish and French
8) establishing serious photography skills
9) visit all the major U.S. ski towns (Jackson Hole, Sun Valley, Colorado Springs, Vale, etc)

Wait, did you watch the video? You need to.


Anonymous said…
Love the list!!! can't wait the video at work, sad day.

I would definitely include the "fluent in spanish", traveling, and writing for running/fitness/health magazines :)
Great list! I love making lists. I will probably be making a 30 before 30 list soon since I am turning 29 in February so I need to start figuring out what all i want to accomplish between now & then! So fun to think about that kind of stuff, though!

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