Eeks! I'm getting excited...

Last night we spent the evening at man friend's brother's house and hung out with a bunch of family. Everyone was drinking and talking so much that we didn't even get around to having dinner until 930PM. I can now officially say I've had Chicago style pizza. I'm not such a fan of the deep dish, but after a few glasses of wine, anything to hit the spot.

You guys, look at the place we're be staying...The Ambassador East Hotel, home of the Pump Room, an award winning restaurant that I'm sure we'll be frequenting in the evening hours.

Today we've done some running around in the city getting the groom's ring resized and refinished, dropping off decorations for the reception and gifts for the hotel guests, trying to find parking spots and what not. I'm officially in love with this city on relatively warm, sunny days!

The wedding tomorrow will be at St. Hedwig Catholic Church and the reception at Gibsons Steakhouse!

Oh, and you'll all appreciate knowing that I woke up at 5AM yesterday (about 45 minutes earlier than we needed to be up) to get a quick run in before our day of traveling. I'm just a happier camper in general when I've had a workout the day I'm flying. I hate that feeling of not knowing when your next chance might be to break a sweat. It makes me feel a little claustrophobic to tell you the truth. So, a nice brisk, dark 20 min run later, the dog and I were both pleased.

Ok, I'm off for a quick run along Lake Michigan! Yippee!


Redhead Running said…
Um lucky thy name is Sassy. :) Have a great time girl!
Anonymous said…
Running before traveling is aaawesome! Don't always have time for it - as my flights are usually at the crack of dawn - but I'm with you. MUCH happier when it fits in. :)

Have funnn tomorrow!! Take pics!!
Ooo, thanks for the travel update. Sounds like you are having a fabulous time! Yea! Can't wait to see pictures!!

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