Taking things one hour at a time

because if I take them in chunks any larger I just might not stay calm, cool and collected. This weekend I not only have a board meeting, but a few big events going on for work. All things that have to happen in a matter of 72 hrs, giving me the luck of working 9-10 hours on Saturday.

But at this point, we're one event in and several more to go and I'm just trying to breathe. Thank goodness for my hyper planning and getting a good swim in this morning before work because my eyes barely left my computer screen all day long until late this afternoon. And I missed the group run so I'm hoping to get some more work done and scoot out of here in time to meet them for dinner or maybe just a quick hello.

Next week I hope to be back in a bit more of a relaxed state chalk full of time for running and chilling out. But for now, it's eye on the prize (which is getting to Sunday). I can't believe I used to dream of being this high powered over stressed business exec. I guess those were the days when I didn't value my personal time quite as much and wasn't entrenched in "the real world." Wish me luck!

P.S. I just threw away a pair of work shoes (black patent leather kitten heels) that were done. Anyone have suggestions for cute, functional and comfy work shoes in black/brown? I own two pairs of Danskos and am looking for something different.


Anonymous said…
10 hours of Work on Saturday?!! Ugh, sorry lady :( that's no fun! Hope you survive over there! xo
Amber said…
Working on Saturday is never fun :S

It can be stressful pulling things like that off, but I always enjoy the feeling of accomplishment at the end! Good luck with everything :)
I hear you on the eyes glued to the computer thing. I left work tonight and could have easily stayed for many more hours...

Good luck getting it all done!!
Britni said…
I just can't wear heels to work anymore so probably not going to help you out on this one, sorry!

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