Dragging him along

Since it's that time of year for white elephant gift exchange, upon holiday event, upon family gathering, there are many opportunities to be inviting your S.O. along to something he/she may or may not want to attend. And I for one, am not the type to force people to do things they're not interested in. Sometimes I feel like I'm dragging him along.

Because it's a first holiday with boyfriend (FHWBF) for me, I'm feeling especially apologetic to man friend for these various family affairs I feel obliged to attend. Being that his family is over 2,000 miles (and an expensive plane ride)away and we just saw them a few weeks ago for the wedding, he won't be traveling east for the holidays. And because my family is generally all within an hour or two's drive, I have the luxury of being able to see them whenever I'd like. As a result, I also feel obliged to say yes because I am lucky to live so close to them.

So, in the next month, man friend will be attending two Thanksgivings, two or three Christmases, perhaps a high school friend get together and a few holiday work events. And some of these events will involve about 50 family members. Insert screeching breaks.

Each time I invite him or we discuss details for these events, I put on smiley face and remind him he really doesn't HAVE to come if he doesn't WANT to. But no, no...he wants to come. I'm not sure he'll be so sure when my various aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents begin asking when the wedding bells are coming. Thank goodness he's a keeper!

Can anyone else relate to my FHWBF anxiety?

P.S. I'm taking tomorrow off because I simply need it for my own sanity. And, I worked 9 hrs on a Saturday. I deserve it. My plans are just to relax and maybe grab a hot drink and a book and loose myself in a cushiony chair at Borders. What do you like to do on your day off?


Anonymous said…
I hope you found a BIG cushiony chair at the book store. those are the best ;)

Don't be anxious about the holidays! If MF says he's wants to come, he means it....he's definitely a keeper :)

hope the day OFF is treating you well!
Amber said…
Enjoy your day off! We have kind of *gradually* moved towards spending holidays with each others families over the years! It'll be fun for you (and him) though :)
I hope you enjoyed your day off!

Holidays can be tricky w/ all of the different commitments, but it's great that he is interested in going to them with you!!

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