Look who got an apron...

It all started when Lisa mentioned her recent purchase of an Anthropologie apron. Well, it truly started a few years ago when I really got into baking and cooking and began the hunt for a fabulous vintage (real or inspired) apron. I looked at etsy, home/gardening/kitchen stores, second hand shops, etc, but found nothing. Until...the Anthropologie suggestion.

Don't be jealous of the blue crocs or messy pony tail. It just happens.Last week during my lunch break, I went to the library and picked up a few fun books, one of which was this Eating Well (and in season) cookbook. While browsing the pages, I found this fun cranberry-orange pistachio bar recipe and thought, "hey, why not? Something different than the usual cake or sweet bread."
Little red jewels

Red jewels chopped


Finito! This was definitely a less sugary dessert with great colors and a nice little punch with the sour/sweetness of the cranberry-orange combo.


Amber said…
Umm, YUM. That looks delish!
Oh yum! Looks delish. I love the tartness of cranberries!

Thanks for the shout out. Anthropology has THE BEST aprons. I could go wild in that store, but I usually am good at restraining myself... The apron you bought is adorable!!
Anonymous said…
I love how coloful it is! a little christmas-y, no? ;)

The apron is perfect!

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