Get out your dancing shoes!

Hey there! I finally got my butt around to having the man snag a few photos. Last night after a quick 5 miler in the cool evening with the runners, pizza night and heading home for a shower, I slipped on the dresses for a little photo shoot. Tonight I need to figure out what jewelry is coming with me. A coworker loaned me an entire jewelry box full of goodies yesterday!

I'll be wearing nylons/tights with both dresses because well, they're short and it's cold out. That's what happens when you shop in the summer for a fall wedding in Chicago and you don't think about your bare legs.

Rehearsal dinner...

The shoes...

And for the wedding attire...

I've yet to come up with an appropriate cover up, but something tells me I'm leaning toward a black cashmere wrap that I need to pick up tonight @ Macy's. I like the wrap because it's versatile and cute, while still looking dressy

Dress #1: Ann Taylor
Magenta Pashima: H & M
Shoes: Tahari via DSW
Dress #2: Donna Ricco via Macy's
Tights (not shown): Banana Republic

And last but not least, the photographer!

Let me know what you think. I truly hope I'm not freezing my butt off, but is predicting high 40's to mid 50's with partial clouds so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Plus, we'll be inside most of the time enjoying the events.

The man asked me the other night if I'm getting nervous about what I'm wearing because I was trying on a heap of cardigans/wraps with the dresses. I replied "no, it just takes a lot of planning to make sure it looks right." I'm not even in the wedding and I can't even tell you how many hours I've spent searching, planning and thinking about this, while he just had to get his measurements taken and send them to his brother. Easy peasy!

Thursday morning we fly out so I've got a lot to do work and errands wise before then. Oh I do looove traveling! I'm not sure I'll be getting much running in so I'm trying to front load this week in with lots of running and working out. This morning was a 12 min run with the dog and 20 min with the Biggest Loser DVD.


Amber said…
I absolutely love both dresses on you, but especially the blue one! It looks FABULOUS on you!!!!!

I think a nice black wrap will be good for the blue one, it will look nice and hopefully keep you warm. You'll be inside most of the time anyways, right?!
Anonymous said…
LOVE the dresses! They're very classy - and whoooo check out those runner legs ;) The heels are Perfect, you did good! Don't worry about the weather - I'm wearing a tube-top tea-length dress for a wedding in DECEMBER (because I'm in the wedding - not a choice!). ha, it happens! ;)

aaaand we see the man-friend!!! FINALLY. ha, just sayin'...
Kristin said…
Very cute dresses! The blue one reminds me of a similar-style red dress I've been admiring in a local shop window...but I do.not.need a red cocktail dress! (Now, the red cape/jacket that's in the next window is another matter... :) Have a fun trip!
Unknown said…
I LOVE them both! You look great girl! Have a blast and take lots of pics!
Oscar Yeager said…
Oh, yes.....You look great!

As far as the photographer, well he looks like a kick-ass cyclist who could use a shave.
Trials-I do believe you got to see a hint of his tallness back in July, but I know it wasn't a closeup. :)

Oscar-Yes, he needs a shave. I tell him that every time he gets scruffy.

Thanks for the comments! Looking forward to a much needed (albeit short) vacation amidst what's been a CRAZY busy fall.
Ooo, fun! You look awesome in both dresses!

I think a black wrap will look great w/ that dress.

Men just have no idea how much thought goes into our ensemble. I am sure it is very eye opening for them to see how much we have to think about!!
Danielle said…
Great dresses! Especially love the splashy pink pashmina and bright blue--you'll certainly have your man's eyes for the night. Hope you and P have a great time. Run along the lake front if you can.

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