Chicago recap with photos

So, where did I leave you? Oh, that's right...Lake Michigan and the run. I originally set out thinking I'll do maybe 35-45 min, but then it dawned on me that I had plenty of time so I decided to head out for a bit longer run, finishing almost 8 miles along the water.

Heading South it was pretty windy and I even felt pushed around a few times by the wind, but otherwise it was perfect. There were bikers, bladers and runners galore. I finally finished, stretched and did some abs and pushups before heading out for a late lunch at Jimmy Johns. Those in the middle part of the U.S. swear by it, but to me it's not much different than Subway.

Then it was on to the rehearsal at the church followed by an Italian dinner. Saturday involved a tough workout in the hotel gym, the 1 PM wedding, family get together and finally the reception from 5-1130 PM...and an after party at the bar next door. Yeah, it was a late night.

I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Groom's parents

A sweet car we saw as we were leaving the wedding

Black and white picture of the city doubled as our table assignments

Bride shows off her guns

Getting my dance on!

The end of one happy, exciting evening

As you can see, this was a beautiful weekend in Chicago. The temps were in the 60's and tights or bulky coats were NOT needed. I took over 200 photos this weekend so now it's time to edit and copy several cd's for the bride & groom, man friend's parents and a few others. Another great trip completed. Chicago might just be my favorite city to visit next to NYC. What's yours?


Amber said…
Looks like an awesome time, you totally rocked that blue dress!!
Jim McDannald said…
Subway similar to Jimmy Johns? Come on, Sassy, are you kidding me? Jimmy Johns is soooooo much better that Subway!
NySoonerGirl said…
You looked gorgeous!

And I never saw the appeal to Jimmy John's either! Maybe that's just the NYer in me!
Redhead Running said…
Loving the pics and the blue dress!!!
Jimbo-I have to say that the people at Jimmy John's are totally rockin' good attitudes and I like that they take the extra bread out if you ask and are generous with veggies. BUT, taste wise I just don't think it's anything special.
Anonymous said…
Sass I Looove your dress - gorgeous blue on you!! Way to get in some great workouts, as usual ;)

And seriously, those guns? Woof, don't mess with that bride!! Love her dress too. Very classy
You looked great! Chicago is such a fun city. And you got so lucky w/ the weather!!

Holy moley the bride has some toned arms!!

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