Tuesday Trials

Ok, today's a lazy day kind of post, but still fun. Head on over to hear about Heather's Tues Trials. I love her recaps of what she's tried new in the past week and why it did or did not work for her.

My trials this week have been:

1) a homemade caprese salad on Sat night while grilling turkey burgers with the man
2) ROAD BIKING on my beautiful new Trek! Hint: hills are still a pain in the ass on a road bike (Photo to come soon)
3) Trader Joe's tomato basil hummus with carrots for my afternoon snack at work (packed full of flavor and a little protein)
4) Taking a day off from running to help my body recover and adding back some weight training
5) Remembering how much I enjoy reading this blog
6) Making the first gin & tonics of the summer and sipping on them outside with the man

Spill the beans. What have your trials been this week?


Amber said…
Going back to the gym yesterday and doing weights for the first time in MONTHS (other than the 30-day shred) my arms are SO SO sore today!!
Shoshanah said…
Tomato basil hummus? I really wish I had a Trader Joes near me so I could try it

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