Polka Dots and Pink

In Jessica Schroeder and Academic Chic fashion, here's what I'm wearing today!

Scarf: Hippy store near campus that is now closed
Tshirt: Gap
Skirt: Gap
Sandals: Birkenstock
Not shown: Old Navy Jean jacket

WHY: It's been a while since I've done one of these posts, but today just seemed right because I actually enjoy what I'm wearing, and that makes a big difference.

I love love LOVE this skirt because a) it has pockets b) it has large polka dots and c) you can pare it with so many diff colors! Did I mention how awesome the pockets are? I don't wear the skirt nearly often enough because it's part silk and needs to be dry cleaned. I know I should just suck it up and get over it, but dry cleaning costs $$ and takes just that extra step. Plus, I loathe ironing so I'm not about to attempt to hang dry and then iron it myself.

The sandals are a new purchase as of two weekends ago. I like this style because they are casual enough to wear around this summer on the weekends with shorts or jeans rolled up, but cute enough to go with the right work attire.


FashionHunter said…
I found your blog on Amber's "girl with the red hair." I had an OMG moment when I saw you ran the Hood to Coast and are from Oregon. Me too! Looking forward to more posts...
Amber said…
CUTE! LOVE that skirt!!!! Drycleaning is SO annoying though, hey?

Those birkenstocks are JUST like the ones I *almost* bought in Berlin last summer but the ones I was going to get were like that only had beads on them? Anyways, they didn't fit my feet properly. I was very sad about that!

What a fun post :-)

PS: I plan on doing a "fav blog" post on Friday, so stay tuned!!
Heather C said…
SO CUTE!!! You look all summery and comfortable and chic :) I Love it! all skirts (and dresses!) should have pockets, it's just so much more practical :)
Amber said…
Make that tomorrow. I just spent like an hour getting it ready so I'll post it tomorrow morning :-)
Academichic said…
Great outfit, I love that skirt! The polka dots and pockets are indeed pretty awesome. And don't get me started on those silver Birkies!! I have a blue pair in that same style (maybe you saw them when I wore them?) but I kinda think your silver ones blow mine out of the picture!

Lookin' good, Sassy!
Tyrese said…
All skirts should have pockets!

I too have a pair of Birkenstocks in the same style. Mine are pink and I got them in Munich. Most comfy shoes ever.
The Anthology said…
Cute look!

I have the same Birks in black and, like Tess, I got them in Munich. What are the odds?
Thanks for all the great comments everyone! It's funny to see what posts will roll in the comments. Glad to hear you agreed with my outfit choice. That pink shirt? I hate it. Loathe it. It just stretches out and doesn't fit well, so after getting home last night before the man's bike race, I chucked it in the trash. I feel like no one should have to try to make that shirt work for them like I tried to so I'm not even gracing Goodwill with its presence.

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