some of my best hair days

...are hopefully in the very near future. WHY? Like most of you, summer inspires that feeling of change, of refreshment, of things flirty and fun. And my hair is feeling that very same need.

See this photo? This was at Versaille outside of Paris. Granted, I wasn't able to use a hair straightener in Europe, we were midsightseeing and I was bent over trying to uncork some wine, but still.

Now, totally sick of my hair, I scheduled a haircut with my stylist for tomorrow. That sounds so chic, right? Stylist. Ha. Well, for just $30 she'll wash and cut my hair pretty much any way I please. Awesome huh? Except that I tend to go with my standard "um, let's just cut a few inches off, you know, clean up the ends, and maybe add a few long layers" line.

My hair is starting to remind me of this much TOO long style from last summer (I'm second from the left). Click to enlarge. This was at a backyard bbq during the USA Track & Field Olympic Trials with some of the runner girls.

The only good thing about the long layers is that sometimes the shorter pieces add for some fun looking up dos of sorts. But really, it's just pure luck. The problem with these layers is that it makes running particularly difficult. I HATE having chunks of hair fall out of my ponytail and into my face. And bobby pins and headbands don't seem to do the trick for this stick straight hair. This photo btw is from a fun evening in Paris. We ran into a few French college students in the subway and this one decided to sing Opera to us!

Here are a few photos that are inspiring me right now in the hair cutting dept...

1. Reece Witherspoon's wispy, long layered look

2. Jennifer Aniston's golden honey blonde hair color

So, I want to know: do you sacrifice your running/workout capable ponytail for a cute, unpredictable haircut or do you go with the same ole cut each time you see your stylist?? The manfriend suggested I try some highlights. I however, am a highlight/hair dyeing virgin. What do you think? Should I make take a big leap? Or should I keep it long and freshen up the ends?

*Send me a photo and recap of a time you took a hairstyle leap of faith and I'd love to feature them in an upcoming post.


sneakersister said…
I typically get an inch or two off my ponytail style but I got a haircut a couple weeks ago and went short for the summer. I'm talking probably around 4 inches off and short to the bottom of the hairline.

Go for it! It's summer.

It's only hair.

It grows back.

Good luck!
Amber said…
I'm here, I'm here! I got your email just as I was about to take a break from work :-)

OK, first of all, I am a HUGE supporter of short hair. Not boy short, bob-short. I have an inverted bob (short in the back, long in the front) and cannot rave about it enough. I. freaking. love. it!

It's easy to do (blowdrying AND straightening takes 10 mins), it's stylish, it's fun! It doesn't bother me when running, I use either a headband or wear a hat! It's great.

Now, I don't know if you want to go THAT short, so I am going to vote for something similar to Reeses style (GET BANGS, you will LOVE them!) but a little shorter, maybe hitting JUST below the shoulders.

I also think you'd look GREAT with some blonde highlights like Jen's! It's summer-time and they would look GREAT! Just tell your stylist that you want some blonde highlights but to keep it looking NATURAL!

And, if you're really brave, go for the bob and chop it all off :P

Good luck! Can't wait to see pics!!!
Heather C said…
ha, first of all - Loved the comment directing me over here! :)

I think Reese's style would look REALLY cute on you, if you're up for bangs (that's adventurous in my book!).
I just cut my hair today - I Love doing a shorter length (Almost at my shoulders, about the length of my neck...does that make sense? ha) with Long layers (shortest layer is about an inch up) just for some movement/volume. I think this would look pretty cuuute on you too!

In other words, yes - I do sacrifice the full pony-tail for running to get a cute haircut every now and then. You can always pin up the rest of it! :) Sometimes it's fun to sit down and just say "hey, do you what you think will look cute!" if you trust the stylist! and just lay a few "ground rules" (like I dont want layers up to my ears!).

And, obviously, let us know what you decide :)
I say take a few inches off. I can't handle my hair being too short for a pony, but you can cut quite a bit off & still be able to throw it up.

I have never been bold enough to cut bangs - I just have flashbacks of bad haircuts from my childhood. But everyone who cuts bangs looks so good w/ them!

Good luck - post pics!!!
Britni said…
It just depends on what mood I'm in. I got between 4-5 inches chopped off on Saturday with long fringe/side swept bangs and love it. But sometimes I hate it, who knows.Good luck.
Lots of good comments on the hair! Thanks all. Lisa-I too have nightmares of me trying to make bangs work from early childhood through middle school. When I finally grew them out in high school I couldn't have been happier. I just couldn't stand having them in my face. We'll see what happens...

I'm kind of feeling like crap today but have to be at work to finish a few projects so hopefully I won't be totally loopy for this haircut. :)

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