Step by step I'll get there (fingers crossed)

Last night was our group speed workout with our coach. This was our first week back to hills since it's actually light out past 7pm and boy was it a doozie. Coach Ryan had the longest and hardest hill workout I've ever done lined up for us and man was I feeling it.

At almost two weeks now of being back, my bod still hasn't fully remembered that this running thing is supposed to come easy and a bit more natural to me. We did over an hour straight of hill after hill after another hill. And on top of that, I chose to leave my car parked at work and do an extra 10 min warm up and cool down run to and from the park. Whew. By the time I got back to the boyfriend's, my face was red, my back was sweaty and all I wanted was a shower.

This morning, being that Friday is the man's rest day from cycling, I planned for us to go on a short run. I may have mentioned that he promised to run this Butte to Butte 10k on July 4th with me and he had yet to set foot into his new Nikes. Well, this morning, his running attire set out in the bathroom, I managed to get him up before 7am (without a bullhorn like I had threatened), grabbed the dog and headed out for a fast 15 min. I dropped him off and did another 5 min of easy jogging to recover my lungs. The guy doesn't run, but at 6'4", a cyclist and former high school track star, his easy jog forced me to suck some serious wind.

Afterward, I did some abs, pushups and stretches as he just stood there and watched. After all, it's Donut Friday for him so that 15 min was really overdoing it. I'm going to the gym after work and he'll prob sit on the couch and watch ESPN and tomorrow he'll still have lost a few pounds. Seriously, not fair.

Happy Donut (or nonDonut) Friday!


It's so not fair, isn't it? Men & their wacky metabolisms.

That is awesome that you have a group to train with. I am running on my own now, but once I pick out a race to train for, I want to find a running group.

Seems like things are going so well for you & the man friend. :)
Amber said…
Omg, that is SO me and Eric. Haha, the few times I do drag him out for a workout lately he's totally at ease IF it's a shorter run. BUT if it's anything over 3 or 4 miles I kick his butt. Ha! But he spends most of his evenings on the couch and only busts out the weights a couple times a week and does cardio maybe once every 2 or 3 weeks, yet he still looks pretty good! Did I mention he eats like a horse? I just don't understand it!!!

That hill training sounds crazy! I've been doing Saturday morning trail runs with a local trail running group and they seriously kick my butt every time! Running hills is hard when you're used to the flatter surfaces!
Heather C said…
"without the bullhorn like I had threatened" haha!! I think couples running together is so cute :) do you go on bike rides with him??
isn't it crazy how some guys can just GO - runner or not?! agh, frustrating.

hope you have a good weekend!!
Anonymous said…
I...hate...hills. They just make you feel slow. Ha! I agree with Lisa; I'd love a training group. Right now I can choose between the guys who drop me (and then go to donut Friday) and soccer moms who, besides not going to donut Friday, don't care to pick up the pace.

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