Aix en Provence

Provence. Close your eyes and picture it. You see fields of lavendar, gorgeous countryside, quaint little homes and cheese, right?? Well, that's what I had pictured as well. And I believe it does exist somewhere in that region. But when we rolled into Aix en Provence, a town A's aunt RAVED about and was a late add to our itinerary, it was nothing of the sort.

I'll bypass the longwinded story that lead us to arriving in the town around midnight by bus at the dumpiest hotel I've ever been to. Needless to say, our first impression of Provence was nothing short of disappointing. I kept spirits high (even while having to use my borrowed travel sleeping bag on the hotel bed bc we didn't trust the bed sheets/blankets/etc) and hoped morning would bring something more pleasant.

Overall, it wasn't awful, but let's just say I didn't too much enjoy the city. The highlights were: touring Cezanne's last art studio (AWESOME!) for only 2 euro ($2.80), all the hoopla they go through to celebrate weddings (cars honking, people yelling, driving through town before and after the wedding sounding like a parade all the way) and the cute little fountains all over town. The lowlights: fashionobsessed, smoke inhaling, superficial young people, it's faster paced big city feel, and the high prices for drinks/food.

Yummy spinach/salmon quiche for lunch and fabulous choc cupcake/brownie goodness for dessert!

Cute little fountain good for people watching...just be careful the birds don't get you!

Fountain and round a bout

Cute little garden we came across that was prime spot for old ladies to gossip and the college kids to study!

Annie tries a drink her mom suggested, Pastis (black licorice liquer), which she found disgusting.

I love hearts so naturally when we came across this bakery shop window, I had to pause for a photo.

Our second and final night in Provence we got to tour a bunch of the museums that were open late for free!


Heather C said…
Aw, well the (almost) free museums sound like funnn! :) And that park makes me want to grab a book and go read on a bench. So cute!
Jennifer said…
I heart Pastis!

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