I'm baaaack!

Three weeks is a long time to be gone...from work, from the boyfriend, from the blogosphere, from familiarity. As a result, I cannot catch up on allll of your lovely posts, but I would love it if each of you would leave me a comment with your top three updates from the past few weeks.

My top 3 are:
1. It's crazy how slow three weeks goes by when everything is new and different.
2. I'm so excited to get back into running and get a road bike (due to the man friend's love for cycling and my interest in the sport)!
3. The man friend is pretty amazing. I returned to a pretty awesome, well thought out plan of relaxation and enjoyment upon my arrival.

Because I know you want more details, this is how my return to the states went. We arrived in Seattle, WA around 1pm on Saturday and made it back to friend A's house where my car was parked before 2pm. Promptly found two hefty parking tickets and large orange notice saying that my car was going to be towed within the next few days if it wasn't moved. Apparently, you can't park in the same spot on that street for more than 48 hrs and she didn't know it. Fabulous.

I then received voicemail from man friend saying he was headed by bus, north to meet me about halfway on my journey south and help drive since he knew I would be so exhausted. Thank the lord for good boyfriends! We stopped for dinner to see my parents and little bro and give a quick update before heading further south on our journey home. He asked if there was anything I wanted to do on Sunday and I said "nope, just see you." Ok, he said, well I thought maybe we could go for breakfast and then go on a short easy bike ride. Sounded good by me.

Sunday we took the dog for a walk and headed to breakfast (i had a fabulous stack of blueberry pancakes and some coffee - i guess getting back on the healthy eating wagon will have to begin today rather than yest). We grabbed my laptop so I could upload my photos and show him and then headed on a nice sunny bike ride. We made our way to the grocery store and picked up some snacks for later. Then I took the dog on a 30 min run in the hot sun, from which it took her about 1 hr for her breathing to come back to normal. *Note to self: be sure to run earlier in the day with the dog if it's going to be a scorcher.

I made mention of loving Sunday drives earlier that morning and the man friend suggested we head out to a local winery with a nice 20 min scenic drive. Taking our cheese & crackers, a pear and a blanket for lounging, we headed out to enjoy a few bottles of wine and enjoy the sun. After a bit of lounging, he mentioned that it wasn't a spur of the moment thing, he had been hoping to take me to the winery. So friggin' cute.

And did I tell you how I love Sunday drives? It was perfect. The windows were down, we were listening to the oldies station (that happened to be playing great songs that I knew and loved), driving along beautiful country roads, my hair was blowing in the wind and I had my arm hanging out the window, waving to the cows as I sang along to the radio.

Afterward, we headed to the park for a nice walk in the sun and grabbed dinner at a great local place right on the river. If someone asked me how I could have made the day more perfect, I couldn't. It was more than I ever would have expected.

It's nice to not only come home and see that someone you've been missing for a while, but to realize he/she has been planning your return with only your best interest in mind. This is exactly what my heart needed. Tides have shifted. Things feel different and new and satisfying. We both agreed there will be no future three week trips apart.

The trip was amazing. I'm feeling surprisingly well rested for being back in the U.S. for only 48 hrs now. Photo updates to come soon!


J said…
That sounds like a pretty awesome sunday! Glad you made it back safe and sound!

The only things new with me would be
1. leaving for florida vacation next saturday and
2. started training for a 15k...long runs have been interesting!
Amber said…
Awww, that sounds so great! Maybe a little time apart was just what the doctor ordered. What a sweet guy, bussing to meet you halfway!!

I can't wait to see pictures of your trip! Welcome back!!!

The only big update I have is the new blog, but you've found it already :-)
Heather C said…
That is one awesome man friend you have there :) This post made me smile, I'm so happy that your homecoming went well! And was topped off with an absolutely Perfect Sunday! Wow, good stuff!!!

3 updates from over here?
Friends and family have completely consumed my last 2 1/2 weeks and I CAN'T BELIEVE it's June.
I only have 25 days left in the internship!!! omg omg
Aaaand...I missed YOUR posts!!!! :) ha, yes, thats my third update. Glad you're back!
magda said…
Welcome back, lady! I've been following you in reader from afar; let me just say, your romps and exploits have brightened many a day in my windowless hovel of an office :)

My top 3, huh?
1. Going to India at the end of the month ... super excited
2. Went to Boston and saw my baby sister graduate college; I can't believe she's all adult and unleashed on the world. Where does the time go? Was that not just us?
3. Nothing big on the dating front; characters come and characters go. I'm finding I'm enjoying the ride.

Welcome home! Tell the northwest I said hey :)
Shoshanah said…
Its funny how whenever you get back from vacations you just want to be able to relax. Its like you need a vacation from a vacation.

And the most (un)exciting thing that happened to me in the past 3 weeks was my computer dying. Luckily its still under warranty, and Dell was able to send me a brand new hard drive for free.
Welcome back! Can't wait to hear more about the trip & find out what your fave spots were!

That is so sweet that the man friend had things planned. :) And it always feels so dang good to be missed, doesn't it?

My only highlight from when you were gone was that I graduated from grad school! :)
J- 15k sounds like a fun distance. I've never done one.

Amber-love the new layout

Heather C-Congrats on the internship almost being finished

magda- India...what?! Sounds like fun. What will you be doing there?

shoshana-heck yes for free!


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