Transplanted Baker up and running again!

If you haven't already, head on over to Transplanted Baker's (Siri) new blog! Her original one got deleted somehow on blogger so she had to switch over. This marvelous Minnesotan and I lived on the same floor during our Freshman year of college in Oregon. Then she sadly decided to head back to Minnesota where her family was. All the same, she's still Siri Mom in my heart (as well as fabulous baker and person)!

After marrying her husband Bent, they headed to Norway and she began this little slice of baking heaven, Transplanted Baker. I've used and drooled over many of her recipes and photos. Go on now! Trust me, this should make your Monday just a little bit better.

Did anyone bake anything fun this weekend? I made Joy's Peanut Butter Fudge Treats for a little wine tasting and potluck we had on Friday night with all the runners at a local winery. They were awesome, but rich! The manfriend even took the left overs to his six hour hilly bike ride to share with the other guys and said they were a hit (as if I would think they wouldn't enjoy something filled with butter, rice krispy treats, pb and choc!).

Happy Monday!


Heather C said…
well, your Friday night sounds like a good time! :) wine, runners, and pb+chocolate dessert? can't go wrong there.

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