So, I guess I should train...

Last week, in the matter of 15 minutes, I signed up for TWO upcoming races. One I have been planning on running. The other, I had no intention of doing.


But the time has come, I'm going to do a freaking triathalon if it scares the hell out of me. Granted, I'll be swimming a wee 500m in a pool and then hopping on a bike for 12 miles and running a 5K. But in my book, this counts as a triathalon. If I never want to do an open water tri, I don't have to. Case closed.

This tri is a pretty big local race just 45 minutes north of Eugene. A lot of the runners have done it before and love it. And the thing sells out in less than 2 hrs so when the manfriend emailed me to say "WHAT HAVE I DONE?!" I jumped on the bandwagon.

Now on to the running race. The one I feel semi prepared for mentally and physically.

I'll be running my first LONG trail race ever. 20 miles. Peterson Ridge Rumble, here I come.

The website claims it's a gradual 10 miles uphill and then 10 miles back downhill when you turn around, but frankly I'm totally prepared to have my as$ handed to me. Thank the lord I'm not doing the 40 mile race!

Anywho, I've been running long(ish) on the weekends so I guess I better really start upping the miles if I want to run this thing without wanting to hurl or phone a massage therapist mid race. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, these races are just a week apart in early April!

And on that note, I realize I've been less workout/running focused these days on the blog. What do you guys think about it? More running? Less running? Tell me what you want!

Also, my stomach has been a hungry beast today. I have no idea why. I only biked to and from a coffee shop yest (took the day off work), did an hour of Dave Farmar yoga, and ran 5 FAST miles with the manfriend and runnerz. Today was a semi rest day.


Good luck with both races - I am sure you will do great!

And I am happy w/ whatever content you throw at us! Recipes, running, reflections, pics of you & the manfriend - I like them all!
Yay for a tri! I am doing a little try a tri in May and then I think I'm going to do the sprint distance tri in August. Excited + nervous!!!
Emily said…
Of course it counts as a triathlon! SUPER exciting! I love the running on the blog but I also love the other stuff (of course.)
I've been less running focused, too. Because I've been running less, hehe. I need to get it together!
I love the idea of your tri - that's the perfect way to experience a tri without getting eaten by a shark and cutting the run to a 5k is perfect for a first-time. I've never done a tri (can't swim so I'm sure I never will) but I imagine that last leg of running is pretty miserable. But a 5k? That's manageable in any condition.
Sassy Molassy said…
Gracie- Yeah, it shouldn't be too bad. I've heard that it's notoriously cold that day, especially after swimming indoors and then having to run outside and hop on your bike. I'll be changing into something warmer for sure.
"...I don't have to. Case closed." Damn right, gal. You better feel free to challenge yourself however YOU decide to :) I love it, you guys will have a blast!

20 miles on the trail? Now THAT will be a challenge. And it sounds beautiful, which will be a nice distraction!

As for the blog, write what inspires you. If you're pumped about the run or the dinner (or the cinnamon rolls...omg) or the good conversation with a friend...we'll be happy to read whatever you have to say! :)

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