The weekend in review

Saturday, after a long work meeting for me, a 40 min run in the sun, and a 70 mile bike ride for the man, we took Jonah Bell to test out a new dog park with a nice view. She had a blast.

We quickly realized that this was the muddiest dog park around. So much for that $50 grooming bill I paid last week. She was a hot mess after tromping through the swampy grass and then laying down in this mud puddle to cool off. We rinsed her off, but she definitely smelled like wet dog on the ride home. Yuck!

Saturday I picked up a tub of this sweet stuff. The man loves Reeses pb cups (and anything peanut butter for that matter) so I knew this one would be a home run decision.

And it was. We both shared some while watching Food, Inc on Sat eve and the Olympics on Sun. Highly recommend Food, Inc. by the way! Opens your eyes to some crazy parts of the food industry. Take home message: buy local, organic and in season.

Yesterday, after we both got our exercise in (cycling for him, running for her), it was down to business! Remember that room we painted? Well, it was finally time to clean out the painting remnants and move in the furniture! It's amazing how exhausting cleaning up, mopping, moving a few pieces of furniture, cleaning windows (and the blinds) can be.

Sunday am, we woke up to 29 degree weather here in Oregon. K and I met at the running store for a long run. Neither of us felt 100%, but I had dreams of a 9 miler. K was kind enough to join me! There may have been several walking breaks, but it felt good to just get the mileage in even if we weren't speeding along. Sometimes you just gotta push through and make it happen no matter how ugly it feels. Anyone else have a tough LR this weekend? Any other questions for me? Your questions will be answered later this week.

And a big CONGRATS to my friend Siri at Transplanted Baker who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last week! Pop on over to her page to see some adorable photos of Lasse! Siri Mom and I became good friends Freshman year in the dorms at college before she moved back to her home state of Minnesota to finish her college career.


Your dog is so cute! Isn't it funny how they'll find the muddiest spot to play in! Mine do the same thing. I could never have that icecream in my house. It would be GONE so fast! :)
All I could think after that ice cream picture is HOW FREAKING GOOD IT LOOKS :D
Lauren/Lo/Sassy said…
Ladies, yes, the ice cream is really freaking good. With ice cream, the man has no control on portion. However, if I'm dishing up, it goes into a small glass (portion control!) and we've been sharing. That doesn't always happen, but with this ice cream it has. Just depends how much he's feeling the need for sugar. ;)
Manfriend has good taste! ;) can't go wrong with PB, and of course that includes Reese's! mmmm, my fave. that looks delicious!

I still haven't seen Food Inc - *hangs head in shame* - ugh. I know, I need to get on it!
I really really liked the movie Food, Inc. Very eye opening.

Um, that ice cream looks amazing. I am a sucker for pb cups. I gave up candy for lent but will have to get some of that after Easter as a reward!!

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