So, nine miles didn't happen today, but hey there's always tomorrow, right? We'll see...

Instead, I headed out on an easy three miles around the neighborhood. Then, I grabbed the dog, her leash and my goretex running shoes and headed for a little trail run. I guess I forgot how much it's been raining and how muddy that might make the trails. Luckily, I was armed with black shoes!

After the first mile section with a few swampy spots, Jonah Bell and I were both pretty well chalked with mud and my legs were tired. We took a little 3 min walk break and continued on our way. Coming to the switch back Mt. Bike portion of the trail, we came upon the worst of which was 4-5 inch icky sticky mud for as far as I could see. So, we turned around and went back the way we came.

After all was said and done, neither of us slid off the side of the trail and completed 47 min of swamp run/walking. I let Jonah Bell take a little dip in the creek to clean off some of the mud and we headed home to spray off these mud caked legs and shoes.

Thank goodness for these fabulous Goretex Nike's I won during the weekly Nike running group I used to attend! Every month someone would win a free pair of shoes. These babies saved my day for sure.

Then I took a quick shower, reheated some left over homemade bbq chicken pizza from last night and got prettied up to head to a friend's wedding.

Pink dress for Valentine's Day weekend! Plus, this was a steal I found at a little store called Jeremy's in Berkeley, CA where my friend Audrey is from. $10 for this pretty JCrew dress that actually fit!

Okay, we're outta here. Off to a brew fest with some friends! Happy (almost) Valentine's! I hope everyone had a fabulous Saturday!


Amber said…
PRETTY dress! It looks great on you and very valentine-y! Haha

I did a really mucky trail run the other day too (though not that mucky) it was FUN! I LOVE running on the trails!
Redhead Running said…
So I'm totally jealous of your muddy run and that dress is ADORABLE!!!
Adorable dress!! LOVE IT! I am such a sucker for anything pink.

I have never run in mud - ever! I kind of have a huge aversion to getting muddy... I think I have sensory issues or something? :P Who knows.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
Run Jess Run said…
I always loved running in mud in high school was like a badge of honor!

Super cute dress, BTW:)
Anonymous said…
I wish we had some mud around here! that would mean the snow is gone ;) ha - great pics, btw. Nike shoes to the rescue!

$10 for that Jcrew beauty?! Gorgeous!! hope you guys had fun :)

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