Just another Sunday in the kitchen

Sunday morning after a late night at the beer fest, I woke up early to a gloomy forecast. I'd been needing an excuse to try Transplanted Baker's Jam Surprise Muffins of the Year and Valentine's morning was just that opportunity!

If you haven't seen her adorable chocolate Valentine's cupcakes, you must check them out! They are absolutely adorable. I love love love the pink frosting with sprinkles.

So, I whipped up the batter (replacing white sugar with brown sugar when realizing I was out) and began adding the jam! I used boysenberry and strawberry jams.

Then I plopped a little more batter on top and put them in the oven to wait for the surprise.

And, SURPRISE! What's the surprise? I think it's the jam popping out. Anywho, I grabbed these babies out of the oven and hit the road!

After Saturday's mudfest, I didn't believe I'd do much running Sunday. Although, as I've said before, once you get out there, the rest is easy. I put on the running capris and dri fit top and added gloves and a hat when I saw it was raining. D, K and I headed out chatting along. We got back to the running store with 7 mi in the bag.

And that's when I said, "I want to do another 2 mi" and they agreed! So, thanks to a few friends I got the 9 miler in.

After lots of errands, dog grooming, grocery shopping, etc, it was time to make the Valentine's Day feast. I won't take you through the specifics, but here are a few fun photos.

Beer (for the shrimp recipe) and my venti orange blossom Starbucks tea. Both huge!

Heart shaped Rice Krispy treats punched out by man friend!

Shrimp Thomas - a signature dish from man friend's father

Yum! Time to watch the Prefontaine movie, Without Limits. Definitely worth renting.

This is a dish I will definitely try again. It has such a great mix of flavors with its combination of butter, whipping cream, kahlua, green onions, beer and cumin. The hardest part is not overcooking the shrimp, which I did just slightly.

Anyone making something fun this week for dinner? I have a hard time finding time after work and run/workout to take on these recipes that fill my cookbook, but I'm declaring Tuesdays not only rest days, but also cooking days! After all, I've got to start working toward that resolution to use my Splendid Table cookbook this year!


Amber said…
Ummm! LOVE the rice krispie treats! They look SOOOO good!!
Yum - everything in this post looks so delicious!

I have barely cooked lately. Work is taking over my life. I haven't made a real meal in such a long time. I am gone the next 2 weekends, but intend to get back on track in march!!
Amber-yes, it doesn't get much better than butter, marshmellows and a lot of snap, crackle, pop! :)

Lisa-I hope things slow down a bit soon in the work world. Cooking and baking is so therapeutic. I love it. Can't wait to see some more recipes from you!
liz said…
I recently tried shrimp for the first time, and while I don't love it, this recipe sounds decadent! I love your black plates btw, where are they from?

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