setting your intentions

I've been thinking more lately about setting my intentions and really living life the way I intend to. With the helpful nudge of a few fitness instructors over the past few weeks, bloggers who are living their dreams, and a friend who's been pondering some of life's "what if's," I was reminded that just going along without truly telling the world what I want won't get me to where I want to be.

How many of you regularly set your goals and life's intentions for that week/day/hour/moment? In yoga, I'm often reminded of how difficult it can be to focus my mind and breathe to a specific pose even in such a serene place and state of mind. But once I'm there, I know I've done the work yoga asks of me. It's not easy, but that's why they call it a practice.

In life I want to achieve the same. Instead of letting my mind and heart jump about the thousands of opportunities out there available to me and be overwhelmed by the possibilities, I want to focus my energy on that which not only brings me but my surroundings the greatest pleasure and benefit. Because of that I'm finally deciding what my future will be.

This winter I'm going to start taking a class or two and the University in subjects I'm interested in because I'm not necessarily sure if I want to get an MBA, or degrees in graphic/web design or nutrition. I also want to regularly set my intentions for a specific day or week and believe that I can achieve it. After all, life doesn't happen to you, you've gotta live it up.

I think for a while I've relied on the hope that even though I don't know where I'm going, someday I'll get there. Well, for this girl that's simply not enough. I like checking off boxes and moving closer to someone I admire and aspire to be. A few people who are living their intentions and dreams...Jess of Makeunder My Life, this girl, and Jessica of What I Wore. There are so many others, but these are just a few who have stuck in my mind as of late. Impressive ladies living their dreams.


That's awesome. I'm the kind of person that makes all sorts of goals and then get distracted and don't reach any of those goals.
Aw that's awesome! What a great outlook too, I think that I kind of jump at TOO many opportunities and need to narrow my focus more. At the same time, my busy life and all those opportunities make me pretty happy so I'm not too sure what exactly I should do!
Once I have a goal in mind, I am great about putting together a road map to get to that goal - whether its landing a particular kind of job, running a race, or getting into/finish grad school. But besides that I am not good at setting little mini goals. So I don't live with intention quite as well as I could/should.

You are so smart to be really thinking hard about what to get your MA in. I don't regret getting my MBA, but I totally jumped in head first. Looking back, I know I made the right decision since I ended up getting a great job afterwards, but there were definitely moments during the program where I wondered if I had made the right decision and wished i had done more thinking/research.
I don't do this often enough - but definitely have more "long term" goals in mind all the time! I know I take steps to get to them (i.e. spreading myself too thin with writing/education commitments! ha), but you're right - it needs to be a FOCUS, something you really concentrate on. What classes will you be taking?? It's great that you have so many resources at hand, not a bad place to be! :)

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