Michigan or bust

I'll never be a Marathon Maniac like Absolut(ly) Fit Laura, but I do enjoy racing in new places. Next month the manfriend and I are traveling to Michigan for a long weekend to visit his family, which he only sees once or twice a year. I'll get to meet his brother, his brother's fiance and his dad. You may remember I met his mom and sister earlier this spring when they came to visit. Anywho, his parents live on the lake so I imagine the days will be spent sunbathing, boating, grilling and the nights will be spent enjoying beverages on the porch and laughing.

Since we'll be there from Thurs-Monday I figured hey, why not try to fit in a race? So, I emailed a local running group and asked for suggestions. I was given several websites to search and came up with Steve's 10K Run and I couldn't be more excited! The race goes through a golf course and Southwestern Michigan College campus with the option to hurdle hay bales and an authentic Irish stone fence. Plus, all funds raised will go to the Mayo Clinic Cancer Research and/or the Steven Briegel Scholarship Fund, which assists outstanding students (3.0 or better). So, what do you say? Run for a good cause AND hurdle some hay bails? Sign me up!

And what's even better is that the manfriend agreed to run the race with me (before we've even run the first one that he's not training for) AND his mom is happy to pile everyone into her minivan for a little road trip to the race! That way we can fit the race in while still enjoying family time.


sneakersister said…
Awesome! I love running in new places. So far this year I've added the Mall in Wash, DC, the Strip in Vegas and downtown Atlanta, GA.

Have a good trip and an even better race!
Oh that sounds GREAT! I want to try and find some races in some new places around me this summer too!
Heather C said…
what a good idea!! it's fun to run in new places and that sounds like a good race to join in on :) Michigan is beautiful too, I think you'll like the lakeside scenery!

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