My fingers smell like onions.

Why you ask? Because the man friend's mom and sister are in town and I offered to make this awesome turkey sausage and veggie filled lasagna AND my awesome sweet potato cheesecake (w/ maple whipped cream) for tomorrow night after his hill climb bike race. HA! Oh and I have an event for work that causes me to be out of the office all week from 10-4 daily.

So last night, I trekked to the store for supplies around 930pm. And because the meat counter was already closed I had to make a return stop this morning. So I woke up bright and early at 6am, popped the sweet potatoes in the oven, made the pecan/graham cracker crust, did laundry, ate breakfast, biked to the grocery store at 7 to pick up the turkey sausage, chopped an onion (which nearly made me cry) and cooked it along with the sausage. Whew! Then packed it all away in the fridge for continued baking and cooking tonight.

I then proceeded to bike to work. Ambitious. But now I'm off to the event where I'll be talking to a lot of people all day long and my fingers smell like onion. I just thought someone should know. Sometimes, no matter how much you wash your hands, the smell of onions or garlic just won't leave. Happy Monday!


J said…
wow what a day! My roommate works at Subway and his hands always smell like onions when he has to cut them up at work! lol
Anonymous said…
seriously - it lingers! I love onion, but whew. About a month ago I bought a garlic press at target (like $3 ?) so I never have to chop that stuff again. It's aaawesome!

And your lasagna sounds delicious! I've never used turkey sausage for that before, hmmmm.....that'll be a new recipe to try. definitely.
Shoshanah said…
I don't notice it that often when I use onions. But notice ALL THE TIME with garlic.
ooh I need this cheesecake recipe!
Siri said…
Ooooh....somebody's in l.o.v.e.

Or at least "in like". Shopping for 6am groceries to impress the family. I mean, come on.

But that's great!

Also- do share that cheesecake recipe, it sounds awesome.

Kiss Kiss!
-Siri Mom

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