When to say when

I'm putting it out there because it makes me accountable. It's 16 days until Europe now and something has to give. I'm saying sianara to sweets for the next two weeks because they're just making me feel gross. Plus, once I'm roaming the streets of Rome and Paris with my friend A, all I'll want to do is eat endless amounts of pastries, pizza, crepes and gelato.

Yesterday, a printer I recently started working with brought in a huge box of donuts along with my proof. Not what I needed, but I ate a few anyway. Granted, I did ride my bike to and from work AND went on a 45 min walk/run at lunch AND did a 25 min CalorieBurn workout when I got home (jump ropes, weights, lunges, abs, pushups, etc). But I also stopped by Ben & Jerry's on the way home for FREE CONE DAY and had wine and cheese with some friends later on. Not my idea of healthy eating, that's for sure.

Anyone else in need of a sugar detox? Fit Sugar says we should only be having 30-50 g per day of sugar coming from white/added/crappy sugar, not the naturally occurring sugars found in fruits and veggies. In my fairly healthy, organic maple flavored yogurt for example, there are 17 g of sugar. In a 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream, 21 g. Yesterday I DEFINITELY went over 50 g.

Here's to limiting crappy sugar and using my will power just a bit more. After all, without being able to run for long distances, I'm not burning as many cals so it's more important that I pay attention to those little extras I usually eat carelessly.


Anonymous said…
I've had Easter candy in the apartment for at least a month. I HEAR YA! I'm totally obsessed with Reese's PB eggs and throw caution to the wind with those things. They're just Tooo tasty. But honestly - glad it's all finally gone! Gah.
Amber said…
I hear ya. I don't know what it is about chocolate chips, but I've managed to go through a bag of them in the last week. And that's just eating them straight out of the bag!

Today is Day #1 of NO chocolate chips. So far it's going good, but it usually gets me when I'm home at night, tired and watching SATC.
J said…
I know that when I eat less sugar I do feel better! Good luck with it! You can do it! I might try to keep my sugar intake less too!
Britni said…
Oh too bad I don't have two weeks left...and I just made chocolate chip muffins. Oops.
magda said…
I definitely find myself looking back on what I've eaten in a day and been all, um, so THAT wasn't good. (But free cone day! how can you miss that?!). I've tried to be better about the mindless sugar I eat, especially at work. My habit is basically to eat whatever's in front of me; I've substituted almonds for m&ms, and have been trying to eat fruits when I feel like in need sugar.

I totally applaud this 16-day plan ... I'm sure your european indulgences will be sweeter for it!
Anonymous said…
Ugh, I ABSOLUTELY need to cut a lot of unnecessary, crappy sugar out of my life. I think I'd feel a lot better!!

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