Nike Naked Running Camp

Just for fun, I wanted to share this little video with all of you. It's been circulating among my facebook friends as we live in Tracktown, USA and see some of these elite runners around town, on the running trails, or just visiting for big track meets.

Psssst...I saw Kara and Adam Goucher (the ones sitting in their house at the end of this video) on Friday at the track meet in town. It was so cool. She literally was in Boston running her arse off just a few days before. My friend K and I wanted to get our pics taken with her because we were few feet away from her and the entire Goucher clan during the meet. But we were chicken. So we let a few high school boys get autographs and photos with her instead.

P.S. How inspiring is Kara? I mean to be upset with 3rd place Boston Marathon finish in your third marathon ever?! Ha. 2:32, that's closer to my 1/2 marathon time than my full.


J said…
I love kara too! That video is awesome. I had only seen part of that before this! I love the end with kara!! I would have been to scared to go up to her if I saw her at a track meet! That is totally cool though!
Amber said…
Hahaha. I will have to watch that video when I get home from work!

She is totally inspiring, that is an amazing time!
Danielle said…
Ahh, and who doesn't just love looking at Nick Symmond's rear end all day?

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