TIaRT: the HOW and the WHY

Today's topic in the lounge is for those who aren't sure how or why to start a running focused blog. So here it is, the how and they why of Sassy Molassy.

I started blogging for no other real reason than my great friend T started one, and I'm a writer who likes to share. And on top of that, I'm unable to fully express myself to some of those closest to me. The blog allows me to spread my wings, spit word vomit no one really cares to hear and simply vent. Try it. Trust me, you'll like the feeling. At first it feels a bit exposing, but the more you write, the easier it is and the more real you're able to be.

While my blog isn't solely running focused, running is a big part of my life and hence a major topic on this here blog. Sometimes I think it would be nice to just have one focus, but when I make a yummy recipe I'd like to share or have a rant about work, it's nice to have this outlet, this little piece of internet heaven. I first "advertised" my blog on my facebook and myspace accounts. But after a few months I decided I just didn't want my 324 facebook "friends" reading my business. So, a few real friends check in regularly (hey C!T!Jo!), but beyond that it's my blogging community, people I've never met (except Absolutly Fit Laura whom I met in person at the Portland Marathon) who support me in ways you can't imagine.

So for those of you in the Runner's Lounge just pondering the idea of blogging about your training and races...do it. What do you have to lose? The major plus is that through this network you get to meet and read the stories of so many amazing and inspiring runners you won't want to leave. It's quite comforting to have a whole circle of people who understand your insanity (for training for another big race) or who are able to empathize with your frustrations over that injury after so many months of hard training.

Long story short, the how is: decide what you want from this blog and just start writing. The why is: because you will grow so much from it (in your writing, your running, your thinking and beyond). Happy blogging!

For those of you who have already begun, what inspired you? Are there topics or things you keep out of your blog? Do you advertise your blog on your facebook/myspace?

P.S. I'm so happy to have this blog and to have found you people I call my friends (whom I've never met)!


Anonymous said…
I had mine up on facebook for a while and took it down for the very same reason. There are ppl who know I have it (friends, and family - sometimes to my detriment), and that's fine. BUT, I just didn't want that exposure. I do hold back on the personal stuff pretty often - sometimes I'll add it in very vaguely, but I hesitate because it's not annonymous.

anywayyy! I love your blog (clearly :) ) and the mix you have goin on over here. I think of it as a 'running blog' because that's what stood out about you at first (inspiring me!). And I love reading your stories and cooking adventures too!!
MCM Mama said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I do have mine up on facebook, but I tend not to get too personal on my blog. It's mostly about running and beer, with a little family thrown in, so I don't have much to worry about. Besides, my mom and dad read my blog, so I always have to think about things knowing they will see it LOL.
Erik said…
It's so true. I think we do it mostly to find other crazy people like ourselves.

Amber said…
I originally started blogging as a way to practice my writing and to write every night. I had no idea so many people would actually start reading it nor did I know about the amazing blogging community!

Blogging has become a HUGE part of my life now, and I continue to be amazed by the size of the blogging community. Being a new runner and someone who recently moved far from home I've found running support and FRIENDS in the blogging community! It's great!
Shoshanah said…
I did have mine on my facebook profile, but only for a short time, and I wasn't writing regular then either. Once I decided I would be writing more than once I twice a month, I took it off of facebook.
J said…
Sometimes I find that i am so excited to blog about something I just write it out too fast and it isn't even anything worth reading! I just get too excited about blogging!
raulgonemobile said…
I hear ya, about the whole not wanting everyone to know your business. I try to pigeon-hole stuff. The people from work don't know my blog's address (most don't know I blog), and I like to keep it that way. On the other hand, I love talking with all the people I've met in the blogging community

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