Fueling up

I almost learned the hard way today about not fueling up. This week I'm trying out a new gym to try to mix it up from my past eight years at the University gym I've been working out at. The advantages are: 1) it's a semi central location to my house and the man friend's 2) it's right next to the local running store I go to on Sunday and Monday's for group runs 3) they have a great lineup of classes (cycling, pilates, kickboxing, yoga) that are no extra charge and 4) it's about a 10 min drive from my office.

So today, after a meeting with a designer and a few coworkers, I headed to the gym for a quick workout. About 45 min before leaving the office I had half of a dark chocolate and nut Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix bar (approx 70 cals). After doing a good 35 min on an a new age elliptical type machine, I stepped off and instantly felt shaky and dizzy. I tried to justify the fact that hey this is just my second week of getting back into serious workout mode after Europe, but I'm just not confident an elliptical workout should have been THAT taxing on my body.

So, I'm chalking it up to fuel. I had a breakfast of fiber cereal with sliced banana and non fat milk for breakfast around 730AM. Coffee and 3 choc covered macadamia nuts around 930AM. And 1/2 trail mix bar at 1130ish. It seems like enough, but I know my body and I was reminded that my blood sugar drops quickly when I haven't given it some serious protein and real food.

It's a good reminder that while yes, I'd like to lose 5lbs (who wouldn't really?), I'd rather be well fueled than pass out in all my sweaty glory at the gym. I'm going to make an effort to search for some low cal/high energy snacks I can have on hand. Usually, that means trail mix bars or Clif Kids Z Bars I can stash in my desk, but I think my bod needs more than some sugar and carbs. What comes to mind is: string cheese, cottage cheese, slice of cheese and an apple, peanut butter and apple, pb on a graham cracker, a handful of almonds, yogurt and berries.

Does you have any great, easy snacks you like? The tough part is that usually I try to find something that's not too filling (or expensive) but lasts me for an hour or so.

P.S. Last night I made homemade mac 'n cheese from my fabulous Splendid Table Cookbook! It was a great meal to follow the man's bike race and filled the house with delicious cheesey smelling goodness!


Heather C said…
My favorite easy snacks - string cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, south beach bars (140 cals, 10 g protein), and bananas. If you don't eat Enough calories you're backtracking the weight loss - your metabolism slows Way down to compensate. I always have anything from 120-200 calories before a workout, just to make sure I'm fueled and not doing any damage!

:) hope that helps! just remember, its much more important to take care of the bod than to start losing muscle because there isn't enough energy to get you through the workout! I've learned things the hard way and it's not fun.
I like to have peanut butter and a banana or peanut butter and an apple before working out! Or sometimes a Clif or Larabar!
Sassy Molassy said…
I stopped by Trader Joe's last night and picked up some tomato basil hummus and carrots and a bag of almonds. And after dinner, I made turkey/cheese/tomato/spinach/whole wheat low carb wraps for lunch for myself and the man friend. Always nice to have lunch ready to go for the next day!
ledewoman said…
Hi! Thanks for commenting! I have no real good snack advice, sadly...mine either err on the side of mega-healthy (celery) or junk food central (Chex Turtle bars from the bodega). Neither are satisfying. I have a coworker who has stone-ground saltines and peanut butter at her desk, which actually look very enticing (as in, I steal them frequently).

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