Weekend Needed

Hello! I don't know how the weekend goes by as fast as it does, but come Monday I was due for a serious nap. Sitting at a computer most of the day = not the best napping location, fyi. ;)

The weekend was perfect, fun and relaxing all in one. I've been wanting to make a holiday wreath (but not necessarily Thanksgiving or Christmas) for a while now and I finally got myself to a craft store. But of course, Michaels didn't have everything I needed, Jo-Ann's had some of it and I'm still left searching for a few more items. Gah! So much for getting my craft on...ever.

The problem with craft stores is that I always see a million things that I could hypothetically make (if I had all the time and skills necessary) and get a little overboard. For example, I seriously debated buying some fabric until I reminded myself that a) I don't own a sewing machine and b) I barely know how to sew two pieces of fabric together.

I also checked out some burlap to possibly use for table runners for the wedding, but was a little disappointed at how rough it feels to the touch. 

Saturday we went to Costco for paper towels and look what I found! I mean, if you were a kid, how could you NOT want this little dinosaur chair? #Loveatfirstsight

Trust me, it took some restraint not to see if I could fit in it. But no dice, I could tell he was too small.

Saturday was a perfect weekend day in that I was able to do a short run and yoga, the sun came out, and I did errands and spending quality time with the manfriend. Sometimes I forget how good it feels to just let the day happen without filling it with 1,000 things. Weekend, I SO needed you. 

Sunday, I headed out into the chilly morning for some trail love.

Loved the blanket of leaves everywhere...

 The '70s called and they want their big hair back.
My Garmin was dead so I just took the ole Nike watch and did a loop around the base of Mt. Pisgah + a mile or so when I was trying to figure out which trail to take. I took advantage of this long solo run to catch up on a few This American Life podcasts - perfect for zoning out.

Come Monday, those trails had my furnace burning! I was a Starvin' Marvin' all day, which meant the second I got pizza on the brain, there was no doubt that's what we were having for dinner. I'm always amazed at the body's delayed reaction to a hard effort like this.

With the holidays coming up, I'm wondering if any of you are planning to do something unique or creative to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones? For me, I've been thinking more of experiences I want to have rather than things, although there are always things I want.

I'll be putting up a little wish list of my own soon so that's why it's on the brain. Okay, have a happy Tuesday!


J said…
I love the post hard effort hunger! SO awesome. I have so many craft projects that I want to do but there is not enough time!
Leigh said…
Those trails look so nice to go running on! Too bad you don't live closer, or else we could get together and do a craft :) I love crafting and DIY!
Gracie said…
I love the Christmas projects and crafts and really want to get into the spirit this year! I think maybe a gingerbread house making party with the families?
Amber said…
That's a beautiful trail! We were going to make our own Christmas wreath this year but we both felt overwhelmed at Michael's so ended up buying one for 50% off instead. We put up our tree this weekend and I LOVE seeing it all lit up every time I walk up the stairs!!! :)
I am so glad you had a wonderful, restorative weekend! You needed that! I had a fun weekend in Austin, but the trip also got to be a little bit long as I was gone Tues-Sun and I was a bit homesick for a certain someone. ;)

I am excited for Christmas. I haven't had a boyfriend on Christmas in YEARS. I have no idea what to get him though... he doesn't really buy anything for himself as he is just not one to accumulate physical possession... I suggested a weekend getaway but it would have to be to a cold weather destination unless we flew somewhere and he said he really wants to buy something for me, so I am at a total loss as to what to get him. He is by far the hardest person I have ever had to shop for... But I have 6 weeks to figure something out!!
Tasha Malcolm said…
I have never made a wreath before, but I think that it would be fun. I always get more than I need in craft stores too. There are always so many things that I want to make or they look easy in the picture. Getting started or even finishing some of my projects can be a challenge. I am bad with starting something and then taking forever to finish...oops!

We usually stay in Spokane for Christmas because we got to Oregon for Thanksgiving. It is usually pretty low key around here. I just eat a lot.

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