All Aboard the Random Boat!

Thanks you guys for your feedback on my last post. Sometimes, putting your words out into the blogosphere to be read and open for criticism isn't easy. But I'm glad I shared my story. 

Warning: random post ahead

It's been one heck of a week around here. I had my second biology midterm yesterday, which was pretty rough - after all, how is one supposed to study on election night? Yeah, not so much...

Detox week hasn't been as great as I hoped, but better than last week's sugar, junk food bonanza! As usual, I started off strong on Monday and have loosened up as the week has continued. I have bumped up the veggies and protein here and there for more nutrients.

Mix it up breakfast
2 eggs and toast w/ pb, jam, cinnamon and chia seeds

We opted for a quick and easy pizza for election night. There's something about watching NBC do all the predictions and possibilities on the screen that make it completely fascinating no matter the outcome.

Our grocery store had the nerve to stop stocking our local pizza dough so the manfriend snagged Boboli whole wheat. Not the best, but it worked in a pinch.

Presidential Pizza
Pear, caramelized onion, artichoke hearts and goat cheese

Workout wise, I let this be a "step back" week of sorts because of the whole midterm thing. There just didn't seem an extra 30 min worth sparing for sweat > studying/election watching. 

I managed to get in an early run Monday morning and Lifeforce Fitness last night (feels good to be strong and push some weight around).

My feet are also a bit happier thanks to the new pair of Brooks Adrenalines I picked up. Beyond the bunion issue, but left foot pronates more than my right and it just wasn't happy with less support all the time. 

Recycled pic, but I do love clean running shoes. 
Too bad you'd have to NOT run to keep them that way!

Oh and the crazy thing about these midterms is 1) how much you can study and not feel prepared and then 2) how quickly you feel like every ounce of knowledge just got sucked out of your brain in no time. I'm looking forward to the day I feel a bit more confident about it all. 

Overall, I'm shocked that chemistry has been the subject I understand more than biology. So many steps and processes to remember (DNA replication, transcription, translation)... I just want to know when and how much am I actually going to use these tiny bits of info? 

Thankful Thursday - I'm thankful I live close enough to see my family when I want to (& make the time for it). There are several traditions we've kept over the years that I love recreating, like coffee and chats with the ladies.

Three generations
Coffee with my grams, aunt and mom last weekend

I'm also looking forward to tonight's dinner with friends at Heidi Tunnell CateringLast year's bacon wrapped meatloaf and pumpkin cheesecake were delish.

Told you it was going to be random...

What are you Thankful for this week? 

If you didn't get a chance to donate yet to Hurricane Sandy, relief efforts are still underway. Donate today at Every little bit counts. The manfriend and I both texted our donations last week during the relief concert on tv. So easy!


missris said…
That pizza looks amazing! Have you guys ever tried making your own pizza dough? We started doing it about a year ago and it's actually really easy!
Anonymous said…
I second making your own dough! I've been using a recipe that combines whole wheat flour, ground oatmeal (oat flour), and flaxseed. I feel so much better eating pizza when I know how healthy it is.

I found your blog via Meals and Miles! I love following other fitness bloggers who are also planning a wedding. Thanks!
I am glad midterms are behind you. I hope you did well, but am confident you did!

I started my thanksgiving post series today and today's post was about the bike share program. Besides that, I am thankful for the 30 min phone convo I had last night with the guy I am dating. It really really brightened my day which had ended on a tough note.
Elizabeth said…
Agreed--that pizza looks delicious, especially since it just dawned on me that the autumn pear McMenamins special pizza is gone! :) I might have to try it out. Also agreed on the whole clean shoes things--I so feel the same way :) Oh and I've been meaning to tell you, I've been thinking of you---I'm thinking about going back to do some prereqs (bio, chem, ochem, microbio, etc)!
Tasha Malcolm said…
I am thankful that it is almost Thanksgiving so that I can go to Oregon and visit my family. I am also thankful that I survived the work week and that today is Friday. :-)
Haha I would never think of adding pear to a pizza, but that actually looks really good!! I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to go to college and get a degree (even though it's SUPER stressful sometimes!!).
Jen said…
Hey! are you training for any marathons while you are in school? I will be in school full time next fall and want to run another marathon!!! I wonder if its doable without going crazy while taking classes and working full time.....

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