Week 10 - can you believe the term went so fast? I sure can't. I have two finals next week and then I'm home free!

This is the final push before I get a month of focusing on just work and some serious wedding planning catch up! I'm starting to have mini nightmares about people showing up to a wedding that has nothing other than food at our location. It would be fine, just not what I'm dreaming of. 

I thought I'd share my observations about school this go 'round...7 years post bachelors degree.

The UP

I actually get a lot of these concepts that have no real use to me in life right now. But somehow, my brain is grasping it.

I'm actually enjoying science. As someone who always despised science, I'm actually learning to like it.

I dedicated the time necessary to reading, studying and doing most of my homework to the best of my abilities.

This is the first time I can say I TRULY got my money's worth out of my text books. I have read at least part if not all of each chapter assigned. I wish not to remember the number of books I barely even opened in college -- gag.

While I'm unable to make it to my instructors' office hours, they know me as a student better than any of my previous instructors did. I blame it on being terrified of instructors at ages 18-22 and going to school at a large university (and therefore some large classes where you were one of many).

I actually ask questions in front of the class. This was a rarity in undergrad, round 1. Again, I blame being young and terrified of the intelligent instructors.

While a lot of my classmates are younger and in different stages of their lives, I am thankful for the diversity and what I've learned from them. None of us are taking the easy road.

Luckily, there are more UPs than downs. 

While I'm taking classes at a community college, they still lack a lot of late afternoon/evening classes, which makes it extremely to juggle a job and going back to school. To everyone who said it was going to be hard, I totally agree. Money does not just fall from the sky to make your dreams easily obtainable. You have to work HARD for the money and those dreams.

I still don't know if I'm headed down the right path.

Just when I think more $ could fix things, I find that time is sometimes more valuable than $. This can be both an UP and a down depending on the day. ;)

More commitments = less time with the manfriend. I'm figuring out how to make more time for him when I have it and he's getting to know all the contestants on The Voice really well.

Ooh, and our tree is up! I made brandy Manhattan's (Pete's family's signature drink), we put on some holiday music and put up our little 4' fake tree on Sunday. I love having Christmas lights on in the house, especially in the early morning.

Happy Wednesday! Has anyone else put up their tree yet? 


missris said…
Don't feel bad because we don't even have a tree (or a plan for getting a tree) and I don't have the excuse of school! All I can say is that wedding planning is very time consuming.
Our tree is up, too! I think it's 5' (fake), but still seems so tiny after picking out a real, BIG tree with D's family over the weekend. ;)

Happy to see a lot of UPs here - it's kind of crazy to think about how old you feel in college, but looking back how really young and scared we were! I didn't know any of my professors very well, either (mostly b/c of class size), and very rarely asked questions. Maybe college is really meant for the 25-30 yr olds ;)
Tasha Malcolm said…
I am glad that there are more ups than downs. You have worked so hard over the last couple of weeks and I know that it can't be easy, but you are doing a really good job of juggling everything. I hope that you can get in some rest and relaxtion over your break from school.
Your tree is really cute! I went to Target last night and bought some new decorations to add to my collection. I asked my hubby to take down the rest of the decorations from storage in the garage, but so far he has failed to do so. I tried to get them down, but felt like I was going to break my neck or fall of the ladder and break something else. Hopefully we will get them down tonight. We plan on getting our tree on Friday after work. I can't wait!!!!!
Anonymous said…
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Gracie said…
Love Manhattans and find them such a Christmas-y drink!
Raquelita said…
I make an effort to learn all my students' names at the beginning of the semester (doable because I have never had a class with more than 75 students in it), but I definitely find it easier when students come to office hours or when they ask questions/answer questions in class. Your tree looks lovely!
Elizabeth said…
It sounds like it's worth it though maybe? I agree that I can't believe how fast this fall term has gone! I think it's great that you're going back to take some classes and decide which route to pursue...you'll figure it out in time. I too find that the "older" students fare better in class--they're more prepared, they have life experience, and they understand that they're paying for it...

No tree yet but hope to go get one on Friday!
I think you are so right; I was afraid of the "old" professors when I was 18 or 20, but now they are basically my age! I think its good that they are more like our peers so we do find it easier to ask questions!

Your tree is so cute! No tree for us, we put up lights and a wreath and some random decorations but no tree.
Your tree is so cute! I love that you made fancy drinks to enjoy while decorating. That is so cute!

Kyria and I just had this long talk about how intimidated we used to be by professors. I just saw them as these unapproachable, scary people. Now I feel way differently!!

Back to your question - I put my tree up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. That is earlier than I usually put it up, but i wanted to come home to a home with a decorated tree at the end of my trip!

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