Dinner at Heidi Tunnell Catering

So, our dinner at Heidi Tunnell Catering lived up to last year's glory. We conveniently went again on the "bacon wrapped meatloaf night." 

It's rare that I eat red meat, but when I do, I do it up right! Heidi Tunnell uses locally sourced products and knows the farmers she gets her food from. 

Thursday night dinners are held in a small converted church in the little town of Creswell, just south of Eugene. Additionally, they sell baked goods and meals to go throughout the week beyond the catering business. 


The way it works is you reserve a seat (or several for your group) online and then you pay for the items you want on the menu after dinner. 

Thursday's dinner included: a salmon salad appetizer ($3.50), dinner - salad, ciabatta rolls, mashed red potatoes, sauteed greens and bacon wrapped meatloaf ($15), pumpkin cheesecake with gingerbread crust ($4) and of course beer, wine, coffee options. 

Joel and Danielle

We ordered two bottles of this David Hill Farmhouse Red for the table, which turned out to be pretty decent. 

Dinner is served family style so you pass the big dishes around your table. Luckily, they have "to go" boxes because after salad and rolls, I was getting full. 

After dinner, Danielle and I split a slice of pumpkin cheesecake. No matter how full you are, you can't pass up that kind of dessert. I dare to say the whipped cream on top was almost better than the cheesecake itself!

Let me introduce you to Pedro...

I'm with this guy.

The whole gang
 We met through the local running store.

Our table was right behind a long table of older ladies who had driven over an hour to come to dinner. They were emeritus faculty from Willamette University. Adorable. 

 Stef and I got the stripe memo

And there you have it! We promptly rolled ourselves home. 

This dinner reminded me of Thanksgiving dinner and I'm so ready for it! My grandma's rolls and the mashed potatoes - YUM. I can already feel that Turkey Day nap time coming on. 

The weather has been cold around here the last few days! I've been running in long tights. Winter is definitely on its way. Hope you're having a fabulous Saturday!

My morning included a short run with Lindsey and then a nice yoga class. My balance was kind of off today, but we did some hip openers and glute strengthening, which are ALWAYS needed for me.


Hahaha Turkey Day nap!! I always feel like that after Thanksgiving. I'm really excited for it this year :) My mom's having the family over at her house, and I can't wait to come up with the dish that I'm going to contribute this year. Last year I did mashed potatoes and a butternut squash soufflé, but I want to do something different this time.
Lindsey said…
Dinner looks great! It's awesome she knows the farmers she gets her food from.

My balance was off today too!
Tasha Malcolm said…
Looks like a lot of fun with good company and great food! I would have rolled myself home too after having pumpkin cheesecake. I applaud you for splitting it with someone, I don't think I could have done that. :-)
Anonymous said…
Hi... Salam kenal je ye?
The weather has turned colder here, too. I landed last night and it was 27, and it's 19 this morning. Burr!! I guess winter is here. I guess they got snow in North Dakota where I grew up - I hope that stays away!!!

That dinner looks absolutely delish! What a cool thing to take part in!

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