After last week, I feel like I just need a detox in general. It wasn't like I was eating mounds of crap food, but every day I was having Halloween candy, extra snacks and junk in the office and our fridge was getting low on good eats.

So this week, is operation DETOX.

What does this mean? 

  • It means more veggies and fruit. I bought greens, broccoli, green bell pepper, apples and pears yesterday.
  • No candy (other than dark chocolate)
  • Water!
  • Less cereal for breakfast - I buy fairly low in sugar cereal, but I need to mix up my bfast options
  • Minimal dairy - it's easy to get carried away when we have cheddar cheese and ice cream in the house
  • Cut out the extra snacking, random bites, mindless eating while making dinner or sitting at my desk 
  • Green tea - better go get some!
I was reminded the importance of fuel yesterday as I came home famished after a 7 mile trail run with Lindsey, tea and grocery shopping how important fueling well is. 

As most of us are athletes, this isn't anything new, but it's amazing how often my mood or ability to function is directly related to the amount and quality of food I've eaten. 

So if I'm snacking often, it's likely that I need to do one (or all of the following): bump up the protein, eat more veg and fiber, keep my hands and mind busy, and drink more water.

BTW, hours of studying DNA replication can make your brain want to explode and/or go fuzzy. Crazy how complicated such a common thing in our bodies can be!

Nov. 4th prompt - what's in your purse, bag, backpack everyday? #NHBPM
I haven't been carrying a purse lately because I always have my backpack full of chemistry and biology books, my planner, a binder and lots of pens, pencils and a highlighter. It's all about the necessities these days. 

In fact, I went into TJMaxx yesterday looking for a fun holiday decoration and left thinking "how can I buy holiday decorations when I need to pay tuition, buy xmas gifts, save for a wedding?" Practicality, baby. 

Wedding Music
Tell me what one/some of your favorite songs at weddings are - either to dance to, during the wedding or otherwise. I have terrible music taste (for the most part). Thank god the manfriend is a music aficionado. 


lisa fine said…
I've been feeling the same way about cereal! It's been my main breakfast the last few weeks, but this morning I wanted some whole foods and made a big bowl of oatmeal instead. It hit the spot, and felt like a better choice (though I top it with lots of homemade pumpkin butter, which is full of maple syrup. Mmm.)
Jen Feeny said…
Do I ever feel you on this one! I feel like I need a maja detox from the entire month of October! Granted I really only was bad from the 13th on, but still, there was a whole lot of indulging once the wedding arrived and past the honeymoon it was far to easy to nibble on treats with Halloween on the horizon... but now, it's November and time to get back to normal!
J said…
I was so good to not eat halloween candy but then this weekend I gave in and bought some gummies. Bad idea. I just should not have even purchased them!

As for music, we started our wedding with some regular music that most people liked. We didn't do any of the "dance songs" like chicken dance etc. Then we later had the Dj transition to more dancing songs from this generation. I wanted ppl to dance and the Dj made sure that everyone had a decent time. As for exact song titles - I told them a few songs I wanted like Micheal Jackson, etc. And then let them take it from there. Oh and during dinner we had Michael Buble or frank sinatra in the background.
Elizabeth said…
I think I made it all month without Halloween candy---guess that's a perk to not being able to hand any out! Detox times can be so important. I just watched the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead the other night on Netflix and loved what it had to share about the need to purge our bodies of excess. Definitely important to fuel too! Hope you have a good week :)
Amber said…
I actually don't like a lot of slow songs at weddings, I much prefer music everyone can DANCE to!! We spent a couple hours one night before our wedding filling out our music profile for the DJ and also making a list of "must play" songs and it was so fun!!
Tasha Malcolm said…
I have a great wedding song for you! When we went to the wedding last month in Palm Springs their first dance was to The Lumineers "Ho Hey". I thought that was a great first dance. :-)

As for the detox, I totally know how you are feeling right now. That was me three weeks ago. I just felt gross- too much candy corn and wine indulging. Farmgirlfit has definitely helped hold me more accountable. My hubby told me on Friday that I was looking leaner. :-)
I need a break from all the candy I have been snacking on. Ppl brought in their leftovers from Halloween and oy vey I have eaten a lot!

I also carry a backpack every day! And a purse, too. The backpack is handy as it will fit my lunch and coffee thermos and planner. And whatever else I haul around!

I love all kinds of music. I loved ambers processional song (here there everywhere by the Beatles). For father daughter I would do fathers and daughters by Paul Simon. And for the dance I like faster paced songs! Slow songs are nice, but only if you have a date (and I so rarely do!!)

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